On Death and Dying

The Buddhists believe that:

All human life is as a person getting into a boat—on a voyage. However, the vessel has one small hole at the bottom, giving the journey an inevitable end.

This belief is not tragic, but authentic. It is realistic and conventional. The boat of human life will eventually sink. It has a beginning, middle, and end. It will eventually end when the journey is over or when we have learned enough. What everyone must accept is that:

the journey is measured.

We don’t know if:

  • our spirit had decided ahead of time how long we would stay on Earth as human—in third density bodies,
  • there is a Great power that decides for us how long we stay, or
  • if a collective consciousness decides together.

We do know, however, that the journey ceases… for some at an old age, and for others, it seems, before it has barely begun.

I recently have had a few friends make their transitions. Many I have known in this human body have gone from this world to the next. Some much too young and others from illness, and yet others have given up the body well after their physical selves had ceased to function properly. It seemed that some people have simply “willed” their existence to stay a bit longer than they intended.

I have strong inclinations about the process and have learned great lessons each time I’m faced with a death of a close friend or family member. One thing is for certain: The suffering seems to be diminishing, as I remind myself that he or she who has passed is now in a more blissful place, in my estimation, if they were on a positive path on Earth. Perhaps, some will move on to another dimension or to another existence somewhere else to learn more lessons, lessons that they didn’t quite get here on Earth. In each case, though, I’m the one who will miss his or her presence on my Earth Journey. He or she who has passed on is already growing and moving forward to a different dimension.

What I have learned recently is a great lesson:

  • When someone makes his or her transition, their presence in your life doesn’t diminish, it grows, if you’re watching and meditating;
  • When someone passes on, he or she can become your guardian in the Spirit, giving you sage advice while you dream (at least, for awhile);
  • When someone’s body ceases to function on Earth, his or her Spirit moves forward onto a paradigm unbeknownst to us; and mostly
  • When you let go of your physical body, you expand into a dimension that has many choices—both positive and negative.

Perhaps, you know this already. I just wanted to share my experience, incase you are grieving over the loss of someone close. If you have recently lost a dear friend or family member, I’m knowing this for you:

The clear choice in life is to always let go of fear. When you do, amazing things happen in your physical, mental, and spiritual lives. As you feel your intense emotions, know that a gentle voice calls you to resolution with this soul who has passed on. You were never meant to spend the rest of your life with him or her. You had a journey and a lesson plan. Now it is over. It was intense, wonderful, joyful, hard, but always real.

Now, what is yours to do is reflect on it for as long as you need.

Be with yourself. Let go and be quiet until you gain the strength you need to move forward.




Restaurant Review: The Hummus House Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale

The Hummus House Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant


I recently got a gift certificate for my birthday for this quaint restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. (900 NE 20th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304)

When my husband and I arrived, the first impasse was that there was no free parking. In my estimation I always have to factor in time and cost as I make my choice for a restaurant. I enjoy having a parking place within walking distance to the place, especially on a hot day. However, this was not the case.

…but in the end, I thought it was delicious!

The short jaunt was well worth it, though, as the atmosphere is adorable, truly—the furnishings and decor is really typical of the culture, which was traditional Israeli.

As you may notice by the look of this small restaurant below, there is no table service. I was a bit disappointed by that. I like to be served when I eat. I lose the sense of enjoyment, when I have to order and pay for my food up front before I ever taste it. This was my next point of contention. When my husband and I inquired about possible mistakes about veganism on the menu, we were met with a bit of confusion about what a Vegan actually is and what one would eat.

In my estimation, if you are going to open a vegan/vegetarian restaurant, you really need to know the culture of it and the parameters of each. For instance, they had baklava as a vegan dessert. Of course, I believed them, because I thought, why would they go to the trouble of specifying each item as vegan or vegetarian if they didn’t know the difference? Maybe they used agave instead of honey (I was hoping). However, as my husband and I have realized over the years, we must, must MUST ASK EVERY TIME!

This particular time, we were met with a sullen face, “A lot of vegans say it is okay to eat honey!” Of course, he was met with my quizzical glare.

“Okay,” I responded, “What else on the menu can we find that does not have eggs, honey, milk products of any kind, and that is also completely plant-based?” (The manager of the restaurant didn’t even know if the pita bread was vegan.)

Beyond all of this, I was overcharged, I was served the wrong dish, but in the end, I thought it was delicious! So, what do you say to this? The owner came out to do damage control, which was great and well-needed, as the manager decided to take a job interviewee while we were eating. I want this place to survive, but I would love for them to make the necessary changes to make this a great place, not just an “okay” place!

The owner was great, offered us a free lemonade drink that he made with special herbs. It was great, but had tons of sugar in it that gave me a buzz that I couldn’t shake till well into the morning hours. I had wished he had been honest about how much sugar he had added. He said, “Just a bit.” He could have easily used a sugar substitute, which again is part of not knowing the culture of vegans. We enjoy healthy food, not sugary-laced food that has white, refined sugar in it.

All in all, this gets a *** stars out of 5.



Quickly Quiet Your Mind!

I had an epiphany after many years of meditation. Learning to quiet my mind has never been as difficult for me as for some of my clients. Even so, I have discovered an even easier way than ever before. I’m floating in the ethers in minutes now. I want to share this process with my followers on Facebook, Instagram and on “Finding Authentic You Blog.”

  • First, I always say a prayer of protection. I believe that the subconscious is always a bit frightened of the unknown. So, saying a prayer that allows you to acquiesce your fears to your highest power is always a good start to ease your mind and body from undiscovered fears. I recite this in mind or aloud:

“There is only one Presence, One Power, One Love active in my mind and body, present in this room, and present in all of the universes: God the Good. This presence is surrounding me now in Love and Light, allowing no negativity to be present, and always surrounding me with angels, light-bringers, insight, and truth. In love and light.”

  • Once I say this prayer, I sit in my recliner so that my back is fairly erect, perhaps a little reclined, but not too much, and make sure that my body is in a place that I can totally relax and let go of my humanness. This aspect is so important. If you expect to get to a spiritual place while you sit in pain, you are not going to get there very easily.
  • Once I’m comfortable, I begin to check what parts of my body are active (basically, what parts of my body I can still feel). I focus on merging these body parts with the one perfect peace all around me. [just a note: relaxation is a practice. I’ve been doing yoga for 28 years. I can relax very quickly. I’m highly aware of my body and every internal part of my body. I recommend doing yoga to help with this process, if relaxing is hard to do.] [One other note: if you have caffeinated drinks or sugary snacks or drinks before you intend to meditate, this will also be a detriment (this is unless you are ADHD, because ADHD people tend to react the opposite with stimulants).
  • As my body presence and feeling, dissipates, I begin to think of one thing and one thing only: My soul becoming a deep blue or purple lake—calm and wave free, no movement whatsoever. I image that my Mind (that part of me that can observe myself and my thoughts and also create imagination) is observing this still lake.

Here is the thought behind this metaphor:

The more still your mind becomes, the more like a still lake it can reflect the sky. The sky reflects the messages of the universe off of your soul. Though the universe may constantly be sending you messages, there is no way for you to hear or see these messages, unless the water beneath is calm.

The sky doesn’t reflect off of a lake that is full of waves. However, when the lake is still, you can magically see everything around it and above it in that still lake. So, this idea has helped me sit still and observe, as if I’m watching a very interesting movie on the lake, waiting for the plot to unfold slowly and beautifully crafted. Keep your mind fixed on the lake, whether you see something or nothing. If you see nothing, think about the freedom of your mind feeling and seeing “0.” How does it feel to have nothing in your mind?

  • Then, like magic, your physical eyes stop working and your inner eyes open to a world of dreamy images, while your mind is awake enough to observe them.
  • When you first begin to meditate, download the App: “The Insight Timer”  that rings a gong or bell every few minutes. This interim bell or gong will keep your conscious brain awake, if it decides to nod off or fall asleep. Remember, sleep isn’t the worst that can happen during this process, but the object of meditation is to stay conscious while the body is asleep, so that you can “download” information from Spirit and the Positives angels and beings helping you in the universe.

Any questions, send to bosebastian5@gmail.com

I’m always happy to help anyone when it comes to aiding all souls toward positive polarity on this Earth.

With Love,