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If you were living in a world that was dying from an outbreak of a deadly disease, and you had the power to push a button and make the clock go back to the exact time when everything went wrong and make it right, would you choose to push the button? This is the premise for a new television show called “12 Monkeys.”

This is a hard concept to get. To begin to conceive the premise, you must have a simple working knowledge of quantum physics. The theory behind this show is that all of time is compressed or happening at the same moment. One man decides to jump into different time periods to stop the decimation of the world, using scientific information from the future. Just this one concept had me thinking the entire night.

I dreamed of moving from world to world and time period to time period, with all of the people who are living in my life, right now. Just for getting me to think about any concept, the show hails as a major success. Buzz is what every author or composer wants. But, getting any individual to conceive a new idea is virtually impossible, without laying a foundation, first.

Fortunately, for those of us who have been downtrodden and need the media to impress the public in positive ways, we have a handful of great writers who are on top of their game. They have paved the way for current writers to express in new, more positive, and inventive ways. What would the world look like if there were no television and movies? Just Philo T. Farnsworth’s one accomplishment changed everything for the world.

One example is that most people’s definition of gay relationship has been altered considerably. Gay has become a modern ideal. Had the media not shoved gay characters (best friends, subplots, and minor good intentions about gay lifestyle), we would not be normalizing gay marriage today.

Thank you, to those people in the media—writers, newscasters, and producers—who have helped the great causes of all people by intelligently creating a buzz about issues that deserve our undivided attention. When one person’s idea literally alters the fabric of society, he or she embodies the word accomplishment. For those writers who get us to think: Congratulations!

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