Five Keys to Meditating

Coco my dog loves to go for rides. He jumps up on the bench next to the door and grabs for his leash when he sees me reach for my car keys. However, the moment I begin to drive, he begins to whine and cry. He will sometimes get so excited and anxious he wails.

Yesterday, I had Sharon drive as I sat in the passenger’s side and held him tightly. I rolled down the window, held his collar, and let him stick his head out of the window and feel the cool air against his face. He didn’t whimper once, nor did he try to move the entire ride home.

Babies and pets can’t communicate in a way we understand, so the only thing they know to do is cry until we make a choice that sates them. This can be a problem when there are myriads of things a pet or a baby could want. We have to use our intuition and, in some cases, our psychic minds to understand what to do.

Actually, this choice can be a great avenue to understand your own psychic power. The same place in your mind that you feel compassion and, also, search for the blind need of a child or a pet is actually the same place in your mind that you use to connect to your psychic energy.

We have two basic thought processes: deductive and inductive thoughts.

1.) The deductive thought takes what is already established and uses it to connect or arrange life in an organized fashion. For instance, “one plus one equals two” is a deductive thought.

2.) An inductive thought is pure imagination or dream. If you can say to yourself, “Imagine what an orange looks like” and actually see it, you are able to access your inductive mind. When you dream about something that is not actually present, you are also using the inductive mind.

3.) This same inductive source is our connection to spiritual truth and psychic energy. When a medium says he or she sees you finding your true love, this person is seeing the vision in the place where we daydream. It’s as if that person has utilized the dreaming portion of the mind and exercised in such a way where he/she can dream while being awake.

We all have the capacity to do this. Meditation is a way where we learn to stay awake while our bodies are quiet. When this happens, it’s the easiest way to access the dream state while being awake. You can find yourself in a beautiful, heavenly place and still be awake enough to appreciate the sensation and the perfect peace.

4.) Personally, one of my favorite forms of meditation happens when I go for an acupuncture appointment at East Nashville Community Acupuncture. My acupuncturist, Trey Brackman, inserts my needles and also will put a special needle at the third eye to awaken my spiritual senses. Then he leaves me to rest for two hours.

I’m in a recliner and lying on my back, so my dreams are lucid and beautiful every time. Going to acupuncture is one of my treats for my day off. I make sure I have done something strenuous before I go, eat a solid lunch, and then get to rest for two beautiful, scrumptious hours with calm music playing in the background, others praying and healing all around me, and a practitioner who is equally spiritual praying for my special needs.

5.) There are many ways of meditating besides the traditional seated meditation. You can try sitting in a chair if your back hurts. You can sit in lotus position, with your legs crossed and a small pillow under your bottom. You can lie down on the floor. You can take a nature walk. Or you can sit outside by a pond or a waterfall.

As a special thank you for your commitment to this blog and growing spiritually, I am going to offer you some special tools to help you meditate. If you go to my website: www.bosebastian.com and click on Shop for Mp3s, this week and this week only, I’m offering 3 different meditations (Meditation Music, Guided Meditation for Savasana, and The Eternal Om) for only $3.00. You do have to have a Paypal account to pay from the site; however, if you don’t want to sign up for Paypal, simply email me which Mp3s you desire, and I can take a credit card from my home. My email is bosebastian5@me.com.

Happy Meditating. Namaste!

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