Animal, Vegetable, Miracle!

A client came in to see me as a Life Coach. This was her story:

“Last night, I was awoken by a powerfully emotional dream. I saw an old, close friend who had disappeared from my life three years ago, suddenly arriving at my home to make amends. Instead of doing the Prodigal Son act, I launched into him with a powerful tirade of insults and claims of personal injury for his absence. I felt terrible about what I said when I woke up.

“However, what I noticed when I explained the dream to a friend was that I still have live wires in my heart concerning him, which I hadn’t realized were that charged. Without his answering phone calls, not knowing where he works or lives now, or having a way to reach out, I have no physical way of making amends in my heart. It’s not a good feeling at all.

“If you have ever had a heartbreak where you were the one who was abandoned, and you never got the chance to say what you feel to that person, you are definitely understanding where I come from when I say this. No surrogate, no new friend, no new car, a million dollars, no animal, vegetable, or miracle could fill the hole he left in my soul.

“I’m amazed at how friendships and soul mates can do that to one another. Are we meant to be put on this earth only to attract those who will eventually hurt us? I know you told me I have an anxious attachment past, as I have had. I know that my worst fear is rejection. So, what am I supposed to do? Give my heart to a relationship, he gives his heart, and then what? Someone decides that I know enough about them—too much about them—and that they have had enough intimacy, and splits, just like that?

“I understand why a great deal of people are simply satisfied to work, come home, and love on a cat while watching TV till they fall asleep. Human relationships bite the big one sometimes.”

Wow! I was not only taken aback her story, I was driven and drawn in by the emotion that came with this account. Tears and anger kept swapping places as she spilled out her truth.

My response was simple, though: “I know exactly how you feel. I’m not sure there is a way to ever make amends in your heart for that person. There is a way, however, to make peace in your heart.”

I asked her, “Do you believe that God has everything in control of your life?”

She nodded apprehensively.

“Have other family members or friends ever disappeared in your life, only to show up years later with a perfectly palpable story?”

She nodded, this time with certainty.

“Then, I guess, we have to just know for certain that your friend is being divinely guided, as are you, in this moment,” I answered. “He is taking the path that will lead him to understand himself and God more, as he leaves your life. And you, also, are learning the truth of real love.

“If you truly love this friend, you will quit trying to find him, stop trying to contact him, and let him fly away. If he is meant to return, he will. Instead of being angry with him, how about praying for him whenever you think about him? Let your prayers affirm that he is okay and dwelling in love and joy. Believe that he is fortified with the power to get over any sickness or illness that may have overwhelmed him enough to leave your friendship. Absolutely and unequivically, love him in every prayer until you can’t imagine loving him anymore.

“Then, my friend, you will be at peace. This relationship is now in God’s hands.”

* * *

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