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When you are feeling bad, or wake up disoriented not wanting to go to work, or actually you have manifested a physical illness, you need to know what kind of treatment to take. Then the decision of to whom to go to for that treatment come next. Treatment means the same spiritually as it does physically; however, one treatment speaks to the mental and spiritual side of the problem, and the other works on the physical body only. Our issue is to ask ourselves what kind of treatment do we need? Traditional medicine or spiritual mind treatment?

Last night, I wrestled with this issue a bit. I had a bad stomachache, which left me curled up in bed for a little while. I wondered if I should take some medication or pray or do both. (I’m not the kind of pray practitioner who disregards traditional medication. I’ll put that out there for all who are reading this. I take medications daily for a few old age problems that help my quality of life greatly. I’m thankful for traditional medicine all the time.)

But, I also know that I am whole in mind and body already and that I’m made of the very same molecules of healing that can treat the simplest of problems—a cut on the hand. If, the body can manifest healing in the simplest of issues like a cut, why can it not deal with the harder ones—like cancer? Are we simply not ready to allow our minds to do as the Master Jesus taught: “Physician, heal thyself!” Or are we floating somewhere in the middle of our spiritual faith, relying too heavily on doctors and not empowering our spiritual selves to do the work that was intended by God?

I don’t have the answer for this. I know that some great teacher like Ernest Holmes spoke of how spiritual mind treatment should work hand in hand with medicine. Holmes alludes to the idea that the amount of traditional medicine we need will depend upon our level of faith. So, is Holmes also saying that, perhaps, our spiritual power will someday—hopefully—be able to treat all illness (mind and body) perfectly without medicine? I guess, if this were the case, then we would be studying Christian Science, which believes in this premise.

I want the students of Truth to know that we are always working toward greater faith, which leads to stronger treatment as practitioners. We are all practitioners if we follow this premise of truth. We should be practicing the Laws of Truth daily with ourselves, for certain, and giving time, also, to those who ask for our good thoughts and intentions.

Prayer treatment is NOT just a two second thought. It is a deliberate amount of time seeing a situation solved and resolved in Divine Mind. So, when someone asks for your prayers, be very clear as to what the person is asking. Is your friend or client wanting you to sit down with him or her and say a prayer treatment? Or is this person simply asking for your good wishes? Treatment is deliberate and takes times. Makes sure you have time to give each person you tell that you will pray, the time they deserve in treatment.


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