Runes are ancient tablets each containing a significant symbol that defines certain aspects of a person’s life, spiritual walk, or relationship. The symbol Dagas looks like a sideways X with the top and bottom stems filled in to create two connected triangles. Today I picked this symbol from a bowl of Runes and read about its meaning.

The book included with the Runes said that, if you pick Dagas, that a major time of change had come into your life. This time comes but once or twice in a lifetime. If you take the time to focus your energy and truth, you can change the entire course of your life.

What a positive affirmation for me to see today. Many changes have been happening in my life for the good. It was as though I had a year and a half of negativity. Then, suddenly, life began to be enhanced and infused with good. During the darkness, I asked almost everyone I knew, who was spiritually gifted, to pray with me. I only asked people whom I knew could believe wholeheartedly to pray positive, truth into my life. Then, the hard part was to believe that there would be an ending to the negative outpour—that the season would change. Lastly, God had a reason for all that went on in my life.

During those hard times, I did believe, every day with all the courage I had. One day about two months ago, the dark cloud lifted. I felt it just pass over my life. The feeling was as if I had been lifted from a pit of slave labor to a float tank, where I had become buoyant and light. I even told my mother that things were going to change from that point on.

Like a magical spell, prosperity came, love appeared, friends reappeared out of nowhere, and life simply became blissful again.

I had always enjoyed going to work. During the time that I was feeling down, I could barely muster the energy to teach a class, let alone give some clear and life-giving advice. Yet, every time I stood firm in the thought that I was present, ready, and willing to be a conduit for God’s good, something mystical and loving led me kindly through every session and every class.

Today, this blog is for the person who feels like they have been stomped on, tread over, and mangled a bit by life. I want to encourage you to have a clear point of view about the future. Everything in life has a reason—even the bad times. A rich lesson is in store for anyone who is willing to gaze into his/her life with the idea that he or she is open and willing for good and peace to come of the present situation.

Eckhart Tolle in “The Power of Now” gives the advice that we should be alive and ready and content in every moment of life. Each moment is perfectly crafted for us and for our good (paraphrased).

When I think of Tolle’s advice, I almost never worry that I’ll be okay in the end. I can get through anything if I realize that God and spirit are behind me, undergirding me with truth, and loving me with vast wisdom for my divine future.

* * *

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