Most nights, I find it fairly easy to sleep. In the past, I would have considered myself an insomniac, no doubt. I would spend the first hour in bed tossing and turning, looking at the clock, and thinking every thought imaginable. When I became a hypnotist, I primarily sought out hypnotism because of my desire to get a full night’s sleep and to be able to fall asleep more easily. Honestly, after my first session, I felt as if I had found the secret to peace. Occasionally, I will have a sleepless night. But, I don’t believe these occasional events are as a result of an insomniatic sleep pattern. I feel it is more a surge of adrenaline or based on a poor diet just before I decide to sleep. Both can be troublesome when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Caffeine and sugar and simple carbohydrates are the worst things to eat before sleep. Some, also, find it hard to sleep after eating something hard to digest, such as beef.

The first action to take, if you are an insomniac, is to get all electrical devices out of your bedroom. Make your sleep area your place for peace and serenity. Absolutely, no televisions! If you have a small Mp3 device to play soothing music or hypnosis Mp3s, then that would be okay. Keep your computer and printer out of your room. I even dim the light on my alarm clock to almost black. I cover all my windows and keep the light out, especially, if I want to sleep past sunrise, which most of us are able to do.

Our bodies exist on a circadian rhythm that dictates when we rise and sleep. This is due to the rise and fall of the sun. If you get used to sleeping when it is appropriate, your body will do what it does naturally and fall into this nighttime sleep pattern and stay awake when the sun comes up.

Before you go to bed, you can do a few relaxing yoga poses. If you have an exercise roller, just lay on the roller. Allow the roller to relax the sides of the legs (the IT band) and the front of the legs, by rolling down from the top of the leg to the knee, resting in areas that ache. Breathe into the achy places. Take deep breaths while you do this. Remember, you are not trying to stimulate your heart, but trying to relax it. So, don’t do anything that will cause strain or stress to your muscles. Stretch and relax. That’s it!

When you actually get into bed, make sure that you set an intention to sleep, not to daydream or plan the next day. “The bed is for sleep.” You might want to repeat that a few times. When you find a comfortable place with pillows between your legs and hugging another down pillow, which is what I do, then let your body melt into the bed as if your were made of wax, and the bed is a soothing warm surface, changing all of your body to a mushy slush.

Lie still and listen to your breath. If you have to control your breath, first, breathing in for 5 or 6 counts, then exhaling with the same count for about ten breaths, that’s okay. But, the objective in sleep is to watch the breath and your body from as far away from the physical senses as you can get. In other words, you want to imagine that your mind is on the ceiling watching your body on the bed. Some think about sending their thoughts to their toes. If you want to listen to a thought, you have to imagine your mind is in your feet.

Eventually, you will fall into a deep sleep. If you find that your mind begins to chatter, you can gently lead your mind back to the path of rest by saying your mantra: “The bed is for sleep. Sleep is my place to rest my mind and body!”

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