We have honored both Brian Williams and Leonard Nemoy for many years for their stellar work—Nemoy, mostly in fiction and some for his narrations of many newsworthy stories—and Williams for his conviction to news anchoring for NBC Nightly News. This week we saw two deaths, one physical and one career end abruptly. One loses his life from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and one loses his career for an obstruction of truth. For the actor we grieve. For the man who stole our trust, we look at with derision and disillusionment.

I don’t often write about current events unless they have a spiritual or moral fabric. In this instance, I believe, it does. I had been hearing the stories of Williams fabricating news of his 2003 helicopter attack, but I really hadn’t listened too closely until yesterday. I assumed more facts would rise to the surface as the days pressed on. But, when I had gotten the facts that Williams had left his position as news anchor and producer of the NBC Nightly News, I scurried to the computer to find out all I could about his situation.

What humans seem to love more than political bickering is a famous person falling from grace. Why is this so? Is it because we can look at our own lives and dishonesty with less judgment if we steady our attention on all that is wrong outside? Have you ever tried to live a day without judging another person, or worse yet, without judging yourself? It is virtually impossible. Judgment of others is our favorite human expression, because it pulls focus away from our own misdeeds and from, perhaps, the pain that we don’t want to look at in our past.

Personally, I have been trying to live without judgment these days. I have never experienced a harder spiritual path. Judgment is endemic in the human mind. Other creatures on earth don’t spend time in judgment. Watch two ducks have a squabble on a lake. They may peck aggressively at each other for a moment, but then they will swim away with grace and beauty, never looking back. Our loving pets may chew up Daddy’s shoe and get reprimanded. Two minutes later, our puppy will be wagging her tail and wanting to be back in the good graces of her favorite human, despite your anger.

I want to be more like my dog, sometimes. I have to admit it. They sit so quietly and peacefully, never worrying about much, until their attention is deserved. Then, suddenly, without a moment’s notice, they leap to attention and follow their instincts. When the moment ends, the attention dissipates. They go back to sleeping soundly within minutes. My dog teaches me the lessons of letting go every day.

We all fabricate news every day. It’s not as if we don’t expect this from newscasters. Should Williams be held accountable for his misdeeds? Absolutely. Should we be held accountable for every time we undermine our own morals and self-control? Yes, actually, but not with the judgment we give the world. We should treat our own negative thoughts and judgments like we feel about a death of someone important. They served us for awhile, but it’s time to get down to the grief and what’s behind our desire to deflect our attention.

Yes, we should take stock in how we treat others and the world, every day. As a good spiritual student of life, we should be trying better every day. Three things we can do to help this process is pray more, condemn less, and honor the human process of all sentient beings. Lastly, learn to laugh at yourself!

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