Month: September 2017

When Love Just Won’t Work!

I have a friend who has been on a downward spiral for far too long. His path started out  with a bad accident, which led to pain, then dependency on pain killers.

When your human power isn’t enough, Divine Spirit will take over and lead the way. Trust and give your soul over to this power.

When pain killers didn’t help, he started on hard drugs. Now, he lives in someone’s storage unit. He sleeps on cardboard, eats out of a can, and showers at the Department Stores that still let him inside.

He has love standing and waiting for him to hit bottom, hoping that bottom won’t be death. But, we all have realized that help just means co-dependency to him and aids him in his addiction. All of us have learned our lesson. We hurt inside at the thought of his demise.

Why is he in my life? Why has God or Spirit chosen to put in me in charge of his life…

Let’s wait a second, right here. “Who are you in charge of who isn’t a child and is not you?”

Why do you feel it is your responsibility to take care of this person?

Answer a couple of pertinent questions:

  1. Is your help actually helping this person?
  2. Are you aiding in this person’s addiction or problem by being a constant source of help?
  3. Are you risking your own peace and love to aid in this person’s downward spiral?
  4. Are you losing sleep, health, and patience by aiding in this person’s life?
  5. Is this person your adult child? Do you still perceive him or her as yours to care for and guide?
  6. Do you believe that there is a Higher Force that can begin to help if you let go?
  7. Can you believe that this Stronger Power will keep you at peace while you watch your loved one hit bottom?
  8. If you can feel these feelings, you can let Divine Spirit take control. You have been the divine control (small “d” and “c”) in this person’s life. It’s time for the Super Power of the One Mind to take over: DIVINE CONTROL. This change of power may take days, weeks, months, years; but I tell you, it will happen. This is yours to let go of now.
  9. Many have walked in your shoes. Some have encouraging stories to tell. Most have no story to tell, as their loss it too large.
  10. But… and it’s a big but… these people know they made the best, most loving choice by letting go.

I’m knowing for you in this moment, a stronger power of self-control than you have ever known. I’m knowing that you can see the error of your ways—or even perhaps the love you have given is enough of your own life force—and it’s time to stop. It’s time for a more powerful Creative Source to take over.

You have no more tools in your human toolbox to help.


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Release My Fears!

Our primal instinct in life is to be loved, I have absolutely no doubt. Acceptance is at the core of this need. Yet, we consistently try to conform to what other people want us to be. We deny our own inner wisdom. We choose from column A of choices made by our parents and mentors. We even will neglect our own drive to manifest greatness at the risk of making people feel uncomfortable with our light. Why is this so?

As a child I watched many things going on around me that I didn’t understand. Discovering what made people like and admire others intrigued me.

When I noticed someone gaining attention from an act of kindness, a special talent, or getting straight A’s on a report card, you had better believe I did my best to achieve all of those accolades. The way to being accepted and also the need to be accepted were at the core of my subconscious. This functionality of my life manifested early on and continued until I became self-actualized. In other words: Until I was able to see my humanness apart from my highest consciousness, I had no idea that my entire life was based on these subconscious principals that I needed to be loved by others and I would do just about anything to get their love.

The moment I discovered my dysfunction, I prayed that I would have the power and strength to change what did not serve me and accept the possibility of a new and better future with the help of Spirit’s guidance. This is the moment a whirlwind—albeit a tempest—began in my life.

  1. Friends began to fall away.
  2. Careers shifted.
  3. New people came into my life.
  4. The haters and judgers left.

Those who had the capacity to love arrived. They were people I didn’t expect, because they were not in my old paradigm.

Acquiescing to the newness of this life was quite difficult, at first, until I began to see the amazingly sweet fruits of this change. At first, all I could see was the incredible loss of all the things that I thought were dear. I didn’t understand why people I thought I loved deeply would leave me and even religious leaders betrayed me.

One day in the middle of a lawsuit from my business, brought on by an alcoholic lawyer who decided that I should be responsible for the damage of her car during a hail storm while she was in session. She also decided that, even though she arrived with a hangover for each session, that I should be in charge of the atmosphere around me and keep everything silent while she tried to get quiet inside her mind.

For some strange reason, instead of doing what my lawyer told me to do, what I normally would have done to make things soft and easy and just repay her money, I chose to challenge her in court.

I didn’t hire a lawyer. I didn’t worry much about my reasoning for fighting her. I simply trusted my gut instinct to stand up for what was right, instead of getting stepped on. The night before I was expected in court, I helped a friend take photographs at a socialite party, because she wasn’t feeling well. One of the people I took a picture was a judge.

Who do you think was the judge in the circuit court where I ended up the next morning? He was so kind that he actually looked through the records I had in a manila folder, quickly assessed the problem, and came to a quick conclusion that I had won the case based on something I didn’t even realize was law. Slam-dunk, I won the case in the first five minutes.

How did this event in my life change me?

I realized that something inside or outside of me was watching, kind of like an overseer. This overseer was a part of me, the strongest part of me, a part of me that was connected to The Whole. As a result I began to get in touch with this overseer in meditation. The more time I spent in meditation, quiet and alone with myself, God, and the creative forces of the universe, the more I realized what my purpose had become.

When you discover why you are here on the Earth, you let get of almost all of your fear, especially the fear of not being accepted. As we know from history, Jesus was rejected by so many of the people he trusted and loved at the end. He understood his destiny. Therefore, he had the power and strength to endure an amazingly difficult last two weeks of his life. Metaphorically, even if you don’t believe the bible story, you can see that from the worst situation, he found his power and connection to the Divine. He rose from his earth body and was embraced by Divine Love and Angels.

This, too, can happen for you at any given moment, when you choose to let go of the noise in your life, those things that you think are important, and focus in on something greater, your divine purpose. 

Here is a prayer to say to discover this unique part of your being:

Divine Love, I know that there is only One Mind in the Universe. This mind is part of me, as I was created by It. My very being has purpose. My life has purpose. Everyday of my life is leading me to that Divine Light that will show me the way to peace. I pray that my heart will open, this moment, to this love. At the same time, I release all that no longer serves me. I give Spirit, the angels, and all of the unseen forces of the universe permission to take the reins of my life and guide me to peace beyond understanding. I release this intention and power of my words to the One Infinite Mind, Divine Intelligence, and the Laws of the Universe. And so be it!

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Pigeons and Black Birds

If we could get back to the power of a child’s mind, we would experience unlimited ability to manifest our Good.

When I was a kid, I was very afraid of pigeons and black birds. These particular birds in Pennsylvania were seemingly mean to other smaller birds. They would steal food from anything that was smaller than they were. What I saw—even at that young age—was a narcissist in motion and reacted to the behavior accordingly. Even today, when people take what they think they deserve without considering others, my spiritual antenna rises. I begin to watch for other behaviors that might harm me.

What is so harmful about taking what you think you deserve, especially if taking your just due doesn’t steal from others? I have always been the one who looked at life as if I was the bottom feeder or the last on the food chain. Even when I deserved a raise, and I could give myself one, I would think I was undeserving. What makes a person feel so demoralized and less-than that he would actually keep himself from success?

I have spent many years helping people overcome the fear of success. Usually, in the foreground I find a very accomplished man or woman with lots of great accolades. However, the person had had one harmful and venomous caregiver or teacher as a child who literally stole away the person’s power. The instant that demon poured negativity on the child was the moment he or she gave away much of what would make that person a success in life. I feel this kind of pain and have compassion for it.

Even though to some I seem as if I have much going for myself, life has been a constant struggle to overcome old thoughts about myself. In my case, however, I did not have just one demons. There were many, but not striking at my success. What I lacked though was someone to really nurture my talents. As a result, the neural pathways that affected my ability to see myself as successful was quite dried up. I overworked, over compensated, and definitely spouted my own praise far more than I ever had to.

When I look back, I never knew how talented I was or had an attitude that I could be anything I wanted, even though I had the world at my feet. Instead, I sunk into a place that seemed easy to achieve and had much less criticism by the people around me. I became a minister. Who wants to be mean or critical of a minister? At least, that’s what I remember believing, as I decided to give up being an artist for a spiritual path.

I don’t deny that this diversion from my true path was a good one. I learned so much about life, spirituality, meditation, yoga, and helping others on my path; however, I never really walked the hardest path of all, the one that would put me on the chopping block of criticism 24/7, the one that would teach me that I am simply what God created combined with any other talents I have nurtured.

Even today as a author, singer, and actor, I have to endure many thoughts about not being good enough. But now, I understand that all I have to be is me. I can hone my skills, but the rest is up to the producers in life to pick exactly the person whom he or she needs for the project or the “public to vote,” as in most reality shows.

Most of the time, me getting or not getting a part has nothing to do with the quality of my work. I know this because I have successfully gained many roles and also have not gotten as many roles. If I was bad at what I did, I would get no roles and just Mom would think I was a star. This, at least, is my litmus test now and keeps me going.

In the meantime, I continue to give to the world from the coffer of my gut belief and authentic self. I never have qualms with what I give. I simply create and give. This is our nature as spirit in human flesh. This I realize daily.

I know this is meant of that special someone who needs a boost today.

Bless you and know that you are a unique and wonderful person!



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