In the past three years I have endeavored to speak fluently in Spanish. I live in Southern Florida, the perfect place to speak a Latin American language. Most of my friends are of Hispanic descent.

When I moved to Florida, I changed a great deal of my life, most. As much as I tried to create a new life, old thought patterns came right along with me to my new home and to my new life. Little did I know that learning to think in another language—a requirement for fluency, would actually give me the key to putting away harsh memories of the past.

After 6-8 months of studying a language fairly diligently (for me that was 2-3 hours a day), I began to have dreams in Spanish. Soon, I would learn to see life in Spanish, listen in Spanish, and of course identify in Spanish. Immersion is of great value when you learn a new language. The brain can’t handle having to translate every word in every sentence as you speak or as you listen. Eventually, your mind shifts to listening and seeing in the new language.

When this happened, I decided I would take the next step forward and begin to read every new book in Spanish. I also decided that I would pray in Spanish. As I began to do this, I noticed a quietness that I had seldom felt in my life.

Yes, in meditation I feel a deep calm, almost a somnambulant feeling. But when I began to think in Spanish, I realized that I have no bad memories in Spanish. Therefore, this part of my brain that listens, speaks, and identifies in Spanish does NOT hold any of my past, most especially the traumatic childhood events.

This is important in so many ways. What I have discovered is that there is a part of my brain that had been completely unused. In this space is now a new language. I can literally just decide to think in Spanish. When I do so, the English side of my brain turns off in about three minutes of thinking in this way.

I had been an insomniac in the past. As a result of this new spiritual lesson, I can also induce sleep in 3-5 minutes. In times past, I had considered 30-45 minutes tossing and turning  a good night. Now, I can barely remember closing my eyes the next day.

No deductive thinking keeps me awake or afraid. Just complete Spanish silence! And it is muy bien!

And so it is!


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