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Preparing for a Different Future in a New World

Every day my spiritual friends ask me what I think of all that is happening in the world today and how it aligns with my ideas of spirituality. I can only tell you from experience that my world is consistently and constantly changing. Nothing stands still, as if we all are standing on shifting sands.

I painted this while waiting for Hurricane Irma to touch down on Florida.

Are the cataclysmic events of the earth likely to change? Or are we prepared to stand our ground when even worse attacks from the four elements of the Earth and those souls on the Earth wanting to further the demolition of it carry out their negative push?

Lately, in my meditations, I have been experiencing a silence, a real need to go deep into a place a mental peace. In this peace I experience I place that defies the chaos of the world around me. It holds me close and safe. I know where and when to move, how far to go, and when to stay still.

I will share a couple of recent experiences that have taught me about listening to the spirit within:

  1. I had a dream that I stood in the middle of a war zone. I heard a beautiful and soothing voice lead me through the war zone safely. “Stay. Move left. Find shelter!” and so on while the bullets ricocheted around me. While this happened I remained in an isolation chamber of complete peace during this chaos. My mind and body wasn’t moved by the chaos around me.
  2. I also just went through the hurricane where my husband and I were told to evacuate, yet our spirits said stay. We held on to our belief and were not surprised at all when the hurricane shifted and went up the West Coast of Florida instead of the East Coast where we live.  We only were without electricity for 14 hours while myriads of people around us were powerless for days and some weeks. (I’m not gloating. I’m simply conveying the story as it happened. I had great sorrow for the grieving around me.)
    No explanations exists for why we were meant to stay except to say that if were willing to be lights in the darkness, which is our prayer daily. We were the calm in the storm. The crystals in the chaos for many as they had no power or hot water to shower or stove to cook. We had an opportunity to see what the future might be like if the Earth continues to fight back at the inhumane treatment of animals and other sentient beings and how we treat the beautiful bounty of land and earth that produce our food.
  3. Consciousness is helping people ready themselves. If you meditate you have nothing to worry about during these harder times. All will be revealed to you in your meditation and when you need the information. I sincerely believe this. My dreams have been so clear about this consciousness shift.
  4. However, if you are not on a plane of communication, find someone to help you learn to get there. You won’t feel safe until you experience this peace beyond measure. It’s not for some of us. It’s for all of us.
  5. There is only One Mind. If that Mind has the key to life and love, those keys are meant for you to use them. You are also meant to prosper in this time of change. Those who have been waiting for their seeds to grow and trees to bear fruit are seeing times of the Harvest coming now. I feel it in my life in a huge way. All of my dreams are coming into fruition now. Even in this time of extreme and devastating world news, I wake up calm and refreshed, ready to take on whatever comes my way. The voice I hear says to me almost constantly:

  7. In other words, Spirit expects you to be in unison with One Mind, never needing to hear directions until you need them. Like your GPS. You don’t told where to go until you need to turn.
  8. Just to balance these positive lessons: 3 weeks ago I was backing out of my driveway and a car crashed into me, decimating my back end. For some strange reason, the garages (2 of them) and rental car companies (2, as well) taking care of my claim took 3 weeks to fix my car. I kept saying to David, my husband, that everything was happening exactly as it should. This is why: During those 3 weeks, because of the places we had to go to accommodate the shift in our daily routine, we met people and had truly divine coincidences that couldn’t be explained. Even though I knew I had to pay around $600 for rental cars and the deductible in a time when I should be spending money paying down debt, I kept my chin up. The greater good called me. The direction was given, even though the direction came from what seemed to be a negative experience (the wreck). Don’t be dismayed. You are on the right track.
  9. Money is just a tool right now. Where you are meant to be is the greatest gift you can receive. If you feel your peace when it’s happening, you can make the best use of the opportunities given you.




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Is the Past Ever Your Friend?

As a child I found refuge in my bedroom closet, a magical place that led to an elevated door, a gateway to the scary attic, right above my bedroom. On the bottom row of the closet hung my tiny clothes. On the top row, my older brother Mark’s. I could sit below the fort that my pants made, keeping me from all of the mess outside that door. My youngest sister would often accompany there. We would play games by the ambient rays of my LiteBrite!

When I have dreams as an adult, I often find myself back in that closet, listening and viewing the past from the safe place of my childhood fortress. Sometimes the dreams are a mirror of what happened as a child. Other times, the entire family is moving. More often than not, the dreams are about moving and never getting to a destination. However, we are all on a moving truck and the furniture in the truck almost appears as a mobile home, as if we were living in the ever moving, never healed past.

Lately, my husband and I have been praying specifically about our dreams. We have asked that the angels or spirits involved in helping us find our way through the mess of the past would lead us OUT of the same patterns and dreams.

Two days after praying about a shift in the dreams, our dreams have both shifted to a present or a future modality. The past two nights my husband has been in most of my dreams, as they were very lucid. At one point we were traveling through my past in a car. However, we got to a road that I thought led somewhere specific, but it was a dead end. Immediately, I understood—even in my subconscious dreaming state—that the past was simply a dead end. It will never lead to anything but more past and more pain.

It’s time to end the drama of recapitulating the past to find answers and move the hell forward with life!

It’s not as if I haven’t come to this conclusion a million times. However, last night my subconscious actually understood, as well. Hallelujah!

My question, however, is: Can the past ever be your friend? Does the past ever share with you lessons you have learned? The answer is, of course. But do we have to hold on to the “good” past to keep the lessons learned? This is the real issue.

Once, I had a shaman lead me through an ancient ritual during an hypnosis session. I began as a child and walked down a long hallway of doors through all of the stages of my life. In my right hand was a basket. As I walked forward and continued getting older—moving toward a beautiful light in the distance—people appeared to me out from the doors who had made either a good or a negative impression on my life. Each of these people would place in my basket something that signified what he or she had done to impact my life.

Of course, by the time I was an adult, the basket became filled with objects, becoming so heavy that it took two hands to carry it down the hallway. Nearer to the light now, the people coming out of the doors carrying negative memories waned, as more and more beautiful, spiritual people would hand me feathers and angel’s wings, weighing nothing.

When I reached the light, an angel stood by the doorway. As she opened the door to paradise, I could see that there was a chasm between me and the heavenly plane. The angel said that I would have to run and leap as high as I could to get to the next plane of spiritual existence.

It became readily clear to me that I could never get to the next place with this very heavy basket in my hands. Yes, all the memories both good and bad were there. The basket was significant. However, if I didn’t put down all of the memories, I could never jump to the next level. Ultimately, I placed the basket filled with all of my memories, good and bad, and leaped into the arms of a loving presence.

What I learned was that bad memories are heavy and try to weigh you down with every step you move forward. Their purpose is to keep you in the past and fill your mind with enough about the past to keep you out of the present and the purpose of your life.

The good memories, even though they hold the love and beauty of peaceful time are no longer needed as well. Both serve the same purpose whenever you compare the past with living in the now. The example I think of is trying to take a picture of a moment on  a vacation that you want to remember. As you are organizing your camera and shooting the shot, you miss the moment that was happening to your right or left that was even more fantastic. Memories are meant to be called up for a moment to aid us in learning lessons. They are like looking through files for a receipt. Find it. Figure out the problem. Then, move on!

Both the good and bad past can hold you back from the now and from attaining the highest place in your spiritual consciousness!

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Aging and Wart, Spots, and Skin Tags—Yikes!


Ever since I turned 40 years old, I have made an annual appointment with a doctor of Dermatology to check for moles and other extraneous growths on my aging body. I had no idea how many spots and growths would occur as I got older. I guess I cared more, though, about having skin cancer than the look of any small growth.

However, what I had gotten used to was the Dermatologist noticing plenty of new growths each year. He would gently suggest I get some frozen off. The nurse or the technician or doctor would hold a small metal gizmo to the growth, freezing the suspicious color or mole. The skin would die then scab over and, eventually (usually within a few weeks) whatever had been there (a strange mole, skin tag, or wart) would be gone.

Recently, I had a friend ask me to look for wart removal medicine at the drug store on one of my frequent trips to the pharmacy. Something very new appeared on the shelf near the wart removal regulars of Tag-away and Compound W, two liquids that would turn white on the surface of the skin and eventually destroy the skin structure on and around the wart or skin tag.

Now several companies have introduced a freezing machine that includes a can that actually can remove skin tags, warts, and moles like the doctors do. I believe the companies each have included waivers to release them from any legal ramifications if a cancer is found.

I was very interested in the product, so I helped my friend remove two rather large skin tags or warts. Neither 0f us was sure what the growths were, but each was sure it wasn’t cancer as the growths had been there for years and had been the same size, color and shape.

We simply depressed the top of the can as a freezing vapor was emitted onto a small metal nub that is the size of a pen tip at the top of the can. The instructions say to hold that same nub onto the growth for 3-5 seconds. You can literally see the skin tag getting smaller in moments. However, even though the growth got smaller, it took my friend three applications to get rid of a rather large skin tag, with each treatment getting a little more aggressive, as she wasn’t sure how hard to press or how long to press the can’s nub to the tag. Nonetheless, the tag or wart is now removed for the price of less than $20. There is still 15 more treatments in the can.

In my estimation this is a very good product to have as we all get older.

Happy Trails!


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