Month: October 2017

Labor Pains on the Earth

I painted this while waiting for Hurricane Irma to touch down on Florida.

People respond to change in many ways. Some run from it. Some fight against it—tooth and nail. Some would rather cut off an arm than #change anything. However, change is consistent and constant. Those who #resist_change are in constant war with themselves and with the changing Earth.

Every day, alas every second, our bodies get older. Deciduous trees move from stage to stage, yearly budding out, their leaves growing back, those same leave change color, and eventually they fall off the tree to become mulch for the next year. So, with this change is also a circular pattern that evolves within the evolution.

If we began to look at the world from the outside in, we would notice a lot more than if we stayed captive to the chaos and frustrations of living day to day in a changing world. rife with people not so apt to cooperate with change.

We look for understanding about events such as the recent massacres in places like Las Vegas and the Pulse Night Club in Florida and find no justifiable reason for the killing. Some people blame the right for their desire to keep guns in the hands of the irresponsible. Others blame the left for not having their financial and biblical priorities straight. Others blame a God they feel isn’t helping them. Some even go as far as to blame one man or a religious group for the problems of all of the world. 

The world isn’t wailing from the depths of its being with hurricanes, tornados, and floods because it loves us. The Earth sends destruction because of how we treat it. The Earth is fighting back to cleanse itself from the violence, blood shed, and apathetic people who could care less about its toxic energy, those who throw waste in its oceans and waterways, bury garbage all over the place, and kill its beautiful animals for food, or worse yet sport.

We try to separate our own misdeeds—and have plenty of excuses for them, but we are only relegating blame to others.

Trust me, if you are doing your part spiritually and physically, you would be at peace now in the middle of the chaos!

You could be envisioning the peace of the world. You should be listening harder in your meditation as to what to do to counterbalance the stress and hate around you. You would be doing something, not nothing. As a result of taking steps forward to do what you can to help, you would have peace and happiness in your life, no matter what is happening around you. 

There has always been war and bloodshed on the Earth. Yes, we hope that we are a far better and more evolved race than 2000 years ago, but are we? Perhaps, no.

Taking action, doing your part to help yourself, first, then helping others in any way you can both psychologically, empathetically, and practically will always lead your heart to peace.

We are meant to survive together. We exist better when we help each other. This maybe what the Earth may be trying to teach us as it cleanses its oceans, rivers, and land.

Also, from the perspective of the meditative mind, you may not be able to avoid the idea that as the force of Good and Light grows, it shines a light on the negativity in the world. When light is shining into the darkness, the darkness doesn’t understand nor does it perceive it. It feels threatened and strikes back out of fear. It gets confused and lashes out at everyone and everything. Lives are lost, physical damage is done to the Earth, and many people are left in fear.

Do you think that Creator God wants us to feel afraid? We were created in the image of Creator Good. We have the power to change the world, if we so choose. If you believe their is a loving, albeit, positive Creative Force that had given us laws and truth to live by, why then do you get frightened when you see the forces of this power working to dismantle the negativity? 

Yes, many innocent people get hurt. Can change happen without a fight? I have never read about in history or experienced anything in my present life change without an internal and external battle. 

I believe the ultimate battle is taking place right now. If you do not see it, you must be blinded by everything but the present truth. I wouldn’t be surprised if many people aren’t blinded by money, government, sex, gadgets, addictions, struggles at home and in relationship, and countless other diversions.

If the metaphors and the templates of the days of old tell the story of what will happen in our present day and in the future, then even when a prophet and teacher as powerful as Jesus raises the dead, people will scoff and laugh. Even the most religious of the time mocked Jesus. Maybe this tells the story of what is happening now. The bearers of light and truth are looked at like crazy loons, having their head in the clouds and believing in alternative and new truths that take the place of old dictums and laws that never did anything but keep the powerful in control. 

Only the people who were the most authentic to the truth and listening to their hearts hear the call of the angels to gather and be strong while the persecution of the good began. They knew that a day would come when the world would change. Those same movers and shakers may be sitting next to you at work. Their spirits may have come back as your neighbor or boss. They may have lost one life for the good of all, but all of the angels in heaven are working to draw us to a time when the Earth will be cleansed of evil—totally.

In the days of Jesus, some light bearers even felt that being killed as a martyr was just, because it was for the good of all. Jesus was the first of many who died for the good of all. They knew in their hearts their spirits could never die. They would reincarnate and come back again and again until we get it right, until we have built a heaven here on this Earth. 

So, if Jesus could die to send a message, why is it not possible to believe that 59 people died yesterday to send a message to the world today? Why is it so hard to believe that those spirits will never die, but only live on into eternity?

I know the physical loss of anyone is hard to bear now. But, people move on from loss. I have lost many people in my life. In the moment it felt impossible and painful. But, as I get older, I realize this circular pattern of life and death continues. There is no stopping change. It’s the circle of life. It will simply continue, just as the Earth continues to cleanse, until we all get it right! And if we never get it right, it will probably implode. 

Be a part of those who give their lives to create change for the good of all! I want to see a heaven on the Earth. I believe the prophets of old told a story of a day that can and will exist if we listen!

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Agism Is Discrimination!

I have edited and ghostwritten for major publishing houses for over 20 years. I have always complemented my life coaching and hypnosis work with part-time editing and writing. I enjoy literary work. Complemented my discretionary income account over the years, writing has almost been my favorite part of the day.

As I have been sending out my resume for copywriting and copyediting positions in Florida—full of exemplary and pertinent work experience—sending out at least 2-3 resumes a day, I have noticed that I have gotten only two interested companies in three months. “2!”

Both of these companies were devout Christian companies. I believe they went to my websites and online profiles and saw that I am an openly proud gay man and released me as a viable candidate, as a result.

HR people would never make this publicly known in any way, because of the legalities. This is just an assumption, but an accurate one, given the lengths I went to get hired. I spent almost 16 hours writing mock proposals and stories for one of the two companies. No one goes to the lengths at which these companies did unless they were very serious about hiring me. Suddenly, from both companies, I received a very apologetic HR executive e-mail, after many complementary ones, explaining the owner’s desire to pass.

In the field of acting and singing, a 10% hire rate is excellent. Most actors would be thrilled with getting one job for every ten auditions. Unfortunately, most actors find that a 1% chance of getting hired is much more likely, which is why the not-so-independently wealthy have day jobs and other auxiliary income.

This is not a blog of complaints. It is today’s reality for me, which I have always shown with plenty of authenticity. I sincerely do not want to spend all of my savings for retirement for living expenses now, so it would make sense for even a millionaire to make sure that his or her savings are not slipping too far below his or her comfort level without an effort to gain some income.

I have gotten 2 chances at working part- or full-time jobs in writing out of perhaps 200 different submissions. I have had my resume checked and rechecked. I have had my cover letters checked and rechecked. I always customize each cover letter to the company to reflect that I have read their breakdown of the job. I know I am doing everything correctly, because I have done this successfully for 30 years. So, what am I left to believe but that companies these days want younger minds to work on writing their copy and doing their editing, because most advertising is Internet and social media bound.

As advertisers realize their target audience is also the audience that knows the most about social media, they would be very smart to seek out bright young stars, as I once was. Agism at my age? For sure. Especially in these fields.

The only way I could tell for sure if what I have experienced is certainly agism is to have an inside informant, which I don’t have. I can only tell you that agism is alive and working against those of us who admit our true age. Just as sexism and homophobia is also working against those who are fearless about their authentic self.

I have asked myself plenty of times if I should try to hide some aspects about my personal life to get hired. Maybe I should even create a different name for these companies, only to see if I am correct about the prejudice I have been getting. Ultimately, though, I do not want to work for anyone who would be prejudice against me for any reason.

So, I find other opportunities to flourish. In my old age I have become a painter and a much better teacher than I’ve ever been. So, giving back to the youth and sharing my life through art is also a great way to live. And… I can continue to write my blogs, which have garnered readers past the million mark every year. To me, that’s a fair trade.

I say all of this because I want everyone to know who’s reading this that life pushes us to change, sometimes. When I could have been very comfortable sitting at my computer editing and writing copy, I have been forced to get in my car and travel 20-30 minutes to teach. Is this a terrible thing at 57?

Not at all. In fact, I’m glad about it.

Do I still wish I could get get a few publishing and editing jobs? Absolutely.


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