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Are Spiritual People Acutely Sensitive?

Bo’s Vegan Book for a New World

My entire life people have accused me of being too sensitive. However, my sensitivity was not just to other’s tone of voice or words; I was even more sensitive to smells, sounds, touch, and light. As I grew older, I realized that the more spiritual people I encountered, the more I detected that they, too, were as sensitive as I was to all of the above.

My acute sensitivity grew as I became older. In fact, I didn’t consciously realize that I my body registered some smells as biologically poisonous, until I began to get migraine headaches from perfume and cigarette smoke.

I became terribly debilitated for a period of 4 years until I found a medication that could counter the pain from the headaches. I did a great deal of research in those years when I wasn’t lying in a dark room wrapped in ice from head to toe. I realized that there was a particular infirmity that people were calling “Sensory Defensiveness. There were ways I could help myself if I did some of the exercises in a book called “Too Bright, Too Loud….”

Since then, I have gone from calling myself sick to realizing that my sensory acuteness is actually a gift. I must protect myself from aromas that are not organic and healthy for my body and mind. When I’m in a negative place or around negative situations and people in life, my body is always signaling me to move away from the danger and protect myself. This is a good thing and not necessarily something that will deter you from life.

I have not had a migraine in a long time, but have had the beginnings of one when I have allowed myself to be in a place or situation too long that could harm me. I must listen to my inner desire to protect myself, as you must also do the same, if you are mirroring my condition in anyway.

Spiritually sensitive people are prone to take on the energy around them. We must empower ourselves with meditation, prayer, yoga, and the like to counter the negativity, plus, not subject ourselves to immerse in it or absorb it. Being a sponge for negative energy is not our calling here on Earth. We are called to help change the course of the Earth’s trajectory to being a path toward light, not negativity and evil people.

I know that as spiritual people we have all gotten away from stereotypical religion and have found solid foundations in teaching that don’t judge but help move us closer to the light. We have found solace in peace. Personally, I use yoga and meditation to keep my peace following me throughout the day. The key to continuing in the positive is to keep in mind positive statements that remind yourself who you are and what you are here to do when negativity tries to infiltrate your mind.

For instance, I’m in the car driving to a destination. I get stuck in traffic that moves at a rate of 4 miles per hour and comes to a complete stop when my appointment is in 15 minutes. My mind begins to get anxious. Am I going to make it to my destination on time? Then, the worry becomes linked to other situations that “could” happen if I’m late. Perhaps, I am reminded of other times when situational things such as traffic have made me lose an important opportunity.

The truth in this instance is that “there is only one Mind, one love, one purpose, active in your life and in your car.”  The purpose of the One is that you stay conscious of this moment and begin to see light filling the space where you are intended to go. You may call and tell the people that you are going to be late. You may do what you can to remedy the problem. However, you may not take the negative path to the worst case scenario and worry about it until your stomach aches and you make yourself sick! This will simply worsen the energy of the situation. Force yourself to stay positive.

Life has a way of teaching us everyday exactly what we need to grow spiritually. If you are on a spiritual path, expect to have times in your day when you must remind yourself of your truth. “I am a child of the One Mind. I will not be moved or changed by a circumstance that is only an illusion of time.” These kinds of purposeful acclamations have helped me through myriads of hard times when I could have made myself sick from worry.

If you bring light to the situation, you calm yourself and possess the power to change the circumstance. We are not on Earth to be tortured. We are on this planet to learn of our creative power and overcome the negatives, first in our own lives, to help in the lives of others, and eventually change the polarity of the entire planet to positivity! This is ours to do, not some spirit in the future. We are appearing in the clouds with the help of divine destiny and angelic forces, we will change the world.

Today’s prayer:

I am one with the Power of Love, Truth, and Wisdom. There is no negative circumstance that can hold my mind captive! I am a powerful person with purpose on this Earth. As I learn my lessons, I become stronger and even more sensitive to a larger purpose on this Earth. I gladly accept my role in this positive movement!

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Guns, Lovers, and Fantasies!

What do these three things have in common: Guns, lovers and fantasies?

They all have the capacity to seize the brain and squeeze the life out of a human in seconds.

Fantasies are generally not considered a bad thing in one’s life. But take an avoidant person and give him or her a fantasy that is unattainable. Watch closely how the fantasy will destroy the present moment in this person’s life. All of the attention will go from what “IS” to what “COULD BE” in seconds. This person will miss many important moments in life and will not stand guard over his or her own body while life passes by with eyes wide shut and focus on everything but the present!

Lovers can give great amounts of love, but they also hold the key to your greatest emotions. If you let a lover control your life, he or she can pull the plug from your energy and drain you bone dry in a second. You have experienced this feeling. You know it’s true and you must protect yourself from this energy drain.

In two short paragraphs I described how assumed benefit can also harm you. This is true with fire arms, as well. I respect that a gun in the right hands can suppress a murderer on a shooting rampage. I respect the fact that a gun in the right hands can keep order in a jail. But in the hands of a child, someone mentally disturbed, or a terrorist; this same fire arm can be used for complete destruction.

The key here is that we must make rules and boundaries for everything in our lives—the good and the areas where caution must be taken. We don’t let children play on the hot stove nor put a wet finger into an electrical outlet; nor should be subject our children to the haunting thought of guns in the wrong hands. How can children go to school believing they are protected when they feel that someone—anyone, including the kids themselves, can attain a gun?

Before our government ever stands for what is right, we must take a stand in our own lives every day. We must call upon our wits, our knowledge, and our wisdom in time such as these and combine this with the ever protective power of God through its angelic forces.

If Jesus said, “my yoke is easy and my burden is light,” then why are all of us carry the heavy load of fear right now?

What must change for the words of the Master Jesus be true? If the government does nothing, will the words of Jesus still be infallible?

These words are true no matter what the circumstance. We had better get in line with the One Mind and One True Love that stands with us in perilous times like these; otherwise, we will not feel peace at all, even though it exists all around us. Here is a prayer to keep close and pray with your children every day!

There is only one presence, one power, and one love active in my life and in this world: God the Good.

Every cell of my body and the bodies of my loved ones here are made of the same DNA of God the Good.

We operate in the protective confines of this One Mind, keeping us safe, using all of the heavenly power of angels, saints, and spirits to help manifest this secure Good!

This is true now. This is true no matter what the government does.

We see the tides turning in the government around the world. We see the good and just rising in power and overthrowing all that makes no sense in this world and leans towards evil.

The light of God shines through me now! I stand strong in this power today and every day! And so it is!

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I Need a Hero

Who doesn’t need a hero these days to save us from all the negativity in the world? It seems that the only people who had been stepping up to the front of the line are the negatives. Yes, it’s time for you and I to be a voice for God and for the good of humanity.

I have a question for you. Have you ever considered that you might just be this hero everyone is waiting for? Have you ever thought that perhaps you have been perfectly designed to do something great in this world, but you have been too afraid to step forward, to become available for the big picture?

About 3 years ago I decided I wanted to do more than just sit on my ass and write this blog and hope millions of people would read it. I have succeeded in that and have written loads of books, as well. Do I feel anymore connected to my path? Certainly.

But how many people are really are changed by reading just one blog? How many people decide in the moment they read a book or something on the Internet that they will be changed forever and step into their authentic self?  Some, yes. I know I have read a few books that changed me forever. I hope that will happen. Until then, do I just continue to write and hope? I don’t think so.

In my change of life 3 years ago, I had decided to wake up and walk where Spirit leads me. I have walked down roads and alleyways I never thought possible as a result. The only enemy I have is my own fear. And for absolving that fear with consistent positive thoughts, I have succeeded in moving forward most days.

But, I had an interesting AHA moment yesterday I wanted to share. As of Friday, I had two very important auditions for me coming up. One of the auditions (a commercial) had me singing and dancing to the song, “I Need a Hero!” As I was at the callback for the other audition (musical theater), waiting for my turn, what do I hear from the girl just before me in the audition hall?

Yes, she was singing, “I Need a Hero!”

This is not a typical musical theater song at all and is literally one in a million songs she could have sung for this rock opera musical audition. Yet, there it was—in my face—saying, “You, Bo, are in the right place at the right time!” Be amazing! Be fearless! Be ready! Be the hero!

Can you step today as well? Right back if you can. Reply to this blog and just say one word of hope!


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