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Fact or Fiction: In a World Where No one Is Sure, What Can You Do?

Here is my advice on how to watch the news, listen to information from your friends and family, and tend to idle gossip of neighbors:

  1. Take nothing personally. You cannot objectively help a situation when you are knee-deep in something emotionally.
  2. Watch and listen carefully! Is there a way you can help?
  3. Ask pertinent questions of yourself and the person who is sharing the news. (Your perspective is important, too. Don’t let someone eschew your mind to move to the negative in any situation.)
  4. If the news is coming from the television, immediately get on the computer and Fact Check!  The more sites you visit, the more you will see a balanced view of the news.
  5. Ultimately, we don’t just want to be observers of the world, voyeurs, at that. We should all desire to take part in the conversation and work to become a better city, state, nation, and world. What is your part in this? Let’s look at an example below.

Every night I turn on ABC news with David Muir or CNN and watch about 20 minutes of news, just so that I will know what’s going on in the world. I take everything I hear in stride, knowing that the news media may be eschewing it one way or the other. I mostly look at the pictures, listen to what’s being said by the person interviewed, and make my own assessments. However, I do take the time to listen to the same news on Latin stations, as well, as I understand Spanish. I listen to Republican stations, even though I’m a Democrat. I listen to liberal stations, even though I’m really somewhere way in between.


Yesterday, I heard that over 4000 people died in Puerto Rico from the Hurricane, when the news and government said that the total was over 60. How can these figures be so misaligned?

We lost over 4000 US citizens, our friends, our allies, because of misappropriation of energy and desire to help. The government spent much more time helping the people in the contiguous US states than it did in Puerto Rico. Some people still don’t have power in Puerto Rico. This is senseless and outright mean-spirited of the US to acquire Puerto Rico, possess it, and then leave it out to dry when it needs help!

This, of course, is just one instance of the media following what Roseann Barr says instead of caring about people who are losing their lives because of misappropriated government attention.

“But,” you say, “What can I truly do to help?”

I hear you. I feel exactly the same.

One thing we can do is lift our hearts out of the gutter, keep a clear mind, and let Spirit lead us to our destination, wherever that may be. You may not need to help Puerto Rico with money or fly down to help. You may be needed in your own neighborhood—on the corner of Dixie Highway and Oakland Park, where a lady tripped and fell and needs your help to get to the hospital.

If your head is filled with hate and animosity because of your opinions and those of others, what can you actually do to help anyone? 

I often come back to meditation in my blogs to help you understand that the world is operating on a different, human level than where we want to be. Ultimately, we want our hearts and minds to be lifted above the chaos to a place where we can hear the call of the angels and spirits in heaven who have a better view of life than we do. We can’t do this without practicing how to get to that place of omniscients and learning how to be an objective observer. Listen in your meditation and let your heart be guided and led to places you don’t expect.

Be the person you were sent to this world to be! Be light and love! 

Let your heart and mind be transformed by love and polarize your life to the positive!


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Getting Older: Fun or No Fun?

People tell me all of the time that I look as if I’m in my early 40s. Despite my body and face looking young, I physically feel as if I’m 70 years old, sometimes.

I eat properly. I exercise. Even though, I’m doing everything I can possibly do to take care of my physical self, and yet I’m having so many of the same issues that many members of my family have, even though they don’t stick to as strict as a regime as I do.

With all of the outside world fluctuating so much (weather, stock market, crime), the last thing anyone wants to hear is that he or she has to get on another medication for heart or cholesterol.

My primary care physician requires that I see him twice yearly. Each time he makes me take a blood panel to check my cholesterol and blood sugar and everything else he can possibly think of. It seems, no matter how much I try to control all of the food and drink going in my body and exercising every day (I swim and do yoga), still he instructs my heart health is declining and I need cholesterol medication. I’m flummoxed at the state of my health.

Is getting old simple a free pass to give up taking care of yourself and just take medication for every problem that could possibly happen?

My primary care doctor won’t prescribe my “necessary” medication if I don’t comply with his wishes, which always involves taking more medication, even when I suggest alternative methods. I’m sure this is for reasons that would keep him from being responsible for a decline in my physical condition. I don’t fault him for this, but I am concerned that I’m taking too much medication.

Last month my skin began to itch.  I thought, perhaps, that I was just stressed or that I had a bug bite that was irritating more than a normal one. I tended to it for three weeks, but it became persistent and seemed to get worse. I went to the doctors Apparently, nothing was wrong with my skin… except that the itch could be related to the medications I’m taking!

Now, on top of taking too many meds, I’m getting more problems from the side effect of the medicine. YIKES!

That’s it! I’m not going down this road anymore. I will make the choices that I feel are best for me, even if it includes not telling the doctor the truth about taking some kind of medication he prescribes.  Sorry, Doc! I just can’t do it anymore.

I began titrating from all medication very slowly last month. I’m amazed at how “the same” I feel with only taking about 1/3 of what I was taking a month ago.

I decided to walk on a plank between the world of Western medicine and the holistic choices I naturally tend toward. I cannot relinquish my power to the Western world that only prescribes and doesn’t look at symptoms or ramifications for prescribed medication.

Let just say, I have never been two to three steps away from an unbalanced paradigm. I’m saying, however, that I am not going to give in—anymore—as a result of getting older.

This is where any of us who are getting older have got to look at the balance between the two choices of treating our own aging bodies. Make some solid choices that are healthy. Remember the most medicine you give yourself is in your food and drink intake daily. So, if you eat unhealthy food, you are going to need more medication. I know plenty of diabetics who must take insulin all day because they can’t stop the urge to eat donuts and coffee every morning and have a chocolate bar as a snack in the afternoon.

That isn’t going to cut it if you want to cut down on insulin. If you want to stop the slow depreciation of your body from diabetes, you have to stop eating junk and exercise. Once you do this, you have to watch the sugars in your food.

I have cholesterol problems and heart issues. This means, in general, I have to watch the amount of saturated fat or fat in general and salt intake in my food. You think I like eating saltless food? I don’t.

But, I’d rather have less salt than be on another drug. And so the merry-go-round goes, my friends. You have to be willing to make changes to get off of the large amounts of medications you take.

Join with me and take steps toward a healthier life with less drugs.



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Lying to Yourself

I find myself “convincing” myself something about life almost everyday. For instance, I eat a sugary, delicious piece of candy on a whim and an impulse. In a moment or even as I’m putting my hand on the prize, I say to myself, “It’s just a little treat. This won’t kill me. I deserve it.”

Of course, this is just one of the ways I can let me subconscious begin to rule my life. If I let enough of these subconscious impulses go unchecked, eventually, my mind won’t even think about taking any kind of sweets, no matter how fat or unhealthy I become. This is called “checks and balances” when it comes to the human condition.

This kind of “convincing” thinking can also sway us into believing that fantasizing about someone sexually is okay if we are married. “Well,” you might say, “I’m married, but I’m not blind.”

But, imagine if your spouse was a part of your fantasy, watching you inside your mind (like Endora used to do on the old television show “Bewitched in the highest corner of the room).” Now, tell me how good or comfortable you feel about undressing that person  or having sex with your mind. Does it feel uncomfortable to have no space at all for temptation?

Ask yourself: Are you honest with your partner or spouse to discuss any kind of temptation? Or, do your subconscious thoughts go unchecked?

My inclination is that if you cannot discuss your shortcomings with someone (even if it isn’t your mate) then you will be overwhelmed with more and more fantasies, until one day you find yourself in the midst of something that will not serve your life and end up breaking up a relationship that is important to you. I have had many clients who have been in this same dilemma.

My husband and I have a policy about honesty that quite possibly is the hardest promise I’ve ever made. We both feel that since it is a “human condition” to lust and see others as sexual objects, then we can come clean with each other without any condemnation or disgust. Even though we have already had these kinds of admissions before, I still feel very uncomfortable discussing my “shadow thoughts” with this man I try to love, each day, unconditionally.

My friends, this walk of greater loving and spiritual growth takes total honesty and a commitment to growing every day. I’m not perfect. You may think you are perfect, but I’m sure that there is an amount of temptation that would make you cave, no matter how brave or steadfast you think you are.

I have a feeling I haven’t been tempted to anywhere near my limit—yet. Who knows if I ever will. But these times of telling my subjective, subconscious thoughts and fantasies who is in charge of my human actions—IS IMPERATIVE! Then, admitting them to someone I trust is paramount in eliminating a possible crime against your relationship or your own body.

I hope this helps. I have a feelings I’ll be talking about this subject more in the near future.

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