“45” Bottles of Domestic Beer on the Wall: Tolerance

After a long and tedious 45 minutes of watching “45” give his first re-election_speech after only 30 days in office, I spent the next 45 minutes exercising tolerance, repeating this affirmation:

“There is only One Mind. This is the Mind of God. A perfect solution has already been made and laid out for the entire world to receive its most beneficial lesson. I am whole. The world is whole. I am at peace. The world is at peace! Lead us into further peace!”

I sat quietly, thereafter, reflecting on the past 30 days of Trump as POTUS.

We have a world that is divided and angry, an earth that is crying out to be protected, partisan splits creating chasms that are far to wide to cross, and I don’t see love or compassion anywhere present. How do we stand up for our rights as citizens, but remain at peace? Will we change our own loving and compassionate nature to create an atmosphere of fairness?

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Continued from above:

In the silence, in my secret place, I heard just one word in my mind: tolerance. So, I looked up the definition:

In Wikipedia: the state of tolerating, or putting up with, conditionally.

Of course, the word conditionally stuck out like a sore thumb. Back to Wikipedia. However, this word had so many ways it could be defined, that I went back to the only way I can describe conditional. After 22 years of being an editor, this is the way we referred to it in grammar: The conditional tense is when a phrase follows the word “if.”

So, tolerance means that you yield to and put up with a condition “if” certain conditions are met.

Is this what most of the world is doing right now—tolerating Trump? Come on, now! We can do better than this?

What can we do to resurrect civil liberty and democracy in the face of a president who doesn’t seem to understand how to pay taxes, run a White House, not be prejudice, protect the earth and prosper at the same time, and whose only narcissistic aim is to please Russia and Japan and other places in the world that can benefit him financially?

Hmm. Hmmmm, again. Honestly, he scares me, and he should scare you, too. But for the right reasons. He has 1/2 of the US hypnotized by his belief that he is going to somehow help them—each of them—get smarter, richer, safer, and healthier by making America prejudiced, undemocratic, right-winged, and anti anything that doesn’t have the name TRUMP stamped on it!

Here is my advice, though, for those who have a spiritual desire to make peace in their souls and sleep at nights. Take a certain amount of time every day, as you would work, and dedicate it to doing something to counter the negativity around you. Below are a list of things worth fighting about:

  1. To keep Melania Trump and her son in NYC instead of the White House, American taxpayers are spending $500,000 a day to keep them safe, when the president’s salary is only $400,000 a year. This is crazy.
  2. When Trump decides he wants to take a vacation to West Palm every week, taxpayers spend $2 Million a day on securing his presence.
  3. Focusing in on fraud and lies concerning Russian links to the past election and to the present White House staff.
  4. Focusing on protecting the Earth.
  5. Keeping us safe from more terrorism, without prejudice, and
  6. Pushing to see why Trump never showed his Tax Returns.

This list above is long enough to tolerate—the big conditional IF. If we got even half of the above solved and understood, we could stop resisting and begin to relax our collective sphincter enough to sleep peacefully.

We all need to find a balance between

  • Listening to the political rhetoric,
  • Fighting back with truth,
  • Standing firm in our own belief, and
  • Being a peace.

We cannot do this while we lose peace of mind, compassion, and basic love for our fellow citizens.


You don’t get to this voice if reason or recognize it unless you spend time with yourself in silence, asking yourself important self-talk questions. This is like dating. You must get to know the voice of the Spirit by spending time in meditation and silence. This is the only I know to clearly download the power of wisdom and recognize the voice—IN TIMES OF TRAUMA—that is always directing YOU into safety!


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