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Recently, I saw myself take a completely different road than I normally would have taken after a painful breakup. In times of hurt, I would usually pout, mourn, then pout and mope, then get really angry, before any healing began. This most recent time, I walked through the door of being vulnerable into whatever change Spirit was calling me to do. As I did so, I discovered one of the most valuable parts of my subconscious grieving in the background, like a young child left in a dark hallway for forty some years.

I shared my story about this situation a couple of days ago in my 5-24-15 blog entitled “Finding Resolve from My Insane Ego.” What I didn’t explain was how a great friend and therapist had to share how differently I had reacted before I was even able recognize my own refreshing resolve to an old problem.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.04.32 AMSo, how do you get from pain to gain? Most people think that the old paradigm of grieving, then getting angry, then pouting, then moping for days, and then taking lots of time off from life will resolve almost any kind of hurt. In my case, I made a completely different choice, spiritually. Here is the difference in the process:

  1. When something or someone causes you pain in your life, ask this questions immediately: What do I have to learn from this, God? Get out of your pain for long enough to simply ask. Don’t expect an quick answer!
  2. When you get clear about your lesson, ask the second question: How do I get my ego out of the way to learn this lesson? This is the time to spend lots of time quiet in meditation. Clear your mind for divine inspiration. (I know that your ego mind will want to rant and rave and be angry and hurt, but settle into the quietness by continually repeating a mantra such as, “I am so blessed, I am so blessed. I know I’m blessed.”)
  3. Call a friend or a therapist who can support your SPIRITUAL growth around this subject. Don’t call someone who will support your grief! This is important. (You may eventually need to talk with a grief counselor of some sort, but right now, we are hoping for a different resolve than the old way of living through pain.)
  4. Write an intention about the process. It may look like this: “I know that God is all in all, as big as the ocean and as small as the tiniest particle in physics. I, also, know that I am a piece of that whole, always complete—spiritually, mentally, and physically. Nothing or no one can take away from God. I am complete because God is Complete. What I’m feeling physically and mentally, now, is just an effect or a memory of pain—a neural pathway firing from my past like an old computer program. I choose to use this ego feeling to understand a bigger picture that may be lying dormant underneath this temporary pain.”
  5. Allow yourself and your body time to grieve. Death and separation from love is like going through an operation where something is removed from your body. If you have had surgery, you would have to take time to heal. Just imagine that what you went through physically REQUIRES TIME TO HEAL. Pamper yourself. Read a good book. Lay in bed for a couple of days and do very little. All of this is part of the physical process of healing. You will be amazed at how much quicker you recover from the mental anguish, when you treat your body as if it were healing from an operation.


I guarantee that if you do all that I have shared, your time of grief will be exponentially shorter, as mine was. Growing from pain doesn’t have to mean years of torture. Remember: Spirit wants you always to be happy. The reason why you experience pain in the first place is to eventually COMPLETELY resolve the pain from your past.

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