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We all know that doing anything physical is more difficult as you age, but I hadn’t realized, until last year, that losing weight was, also, more difficult. I have been wrestling with the same 10 pounds for over two years. However, in the past two weeks I have lost NINE pounds of the ten. Yes, and it was easy, actually. Here are the steps I took. The final steps are the interesting ones that older people don’t think about, but they are so true to form.

  1. Limit meals to 500-600 calories each. Yes, this means eating lots of vegetables, little to no carbs, and some protein. Where I made the big mistake in eating for two years was in this category. For my age group you can’t eat AS MUCH as you want of vegetables and protein. Calorically and metabolically, you still gain weight. You have to limit your caloric intake. You may also eat five smaller meals each day. I have only been eating 3 while I’m trying to lose. I’ll increase the meals and calories when I get to my desired weight.
  2. Of course, when you put fuel into the gas tank, you must use it. Experts say the first step about calories, however, is the most important at our age. But, exercise is paramount to losing weight, especially aerobic exercise. Personally, I have been doing extra to get it off quickly: 45 minutes of cycling, 10 laps in the swimming pool, 30 minutes of yoga, and 10 minutes of abs. (I know that sounds daunting, but I study while I’m on the bike, love swimming and yoga, and the only torture is the abs part.) Of course, you can do less, but the result will mean losing weight slowly, which also good.
  3. These final three steps I found in Huffington Post: People who are over 50 tend to not sleep as well as younger people. When you toss and turn, this leaves you feeling like you need energy the next day. When that happens, you overeat. Actually, sleeping well is the easiest way to lose weight. So, focus in on finding better sleep habits and you’ll lose weight every night. Seven good hours of sleep burns 100 calories
  4. Wash the pesticides off of your food and don’t store your food in plastic. The chemicals that are in pesticides and the chemicals that seep off of the plastic in your bottled water are both deterrents to losing weight! Yikes!
  5. Finally, and this theory is still not completely tested, but it makes sense: According to AARP, “Lowering your thermostat from 75 to 68 degrees stimulates brown fat and increases calorie burn by 100 calories a day.”

I hope these steps help you as much as they aided me in losing these nine pounds. I haven’t seen this number on the scale for over two years.


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