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Have your dreams felt half-fulfilled? Do you often get to the precipice of your desires, but some indefinable “thing” always hinders the full manifestation of prosperity and the physical completion of your dream? For instance, do you see yourself getting a book published? You write the book, get an agent, and acquire an interested publisher. Then, on the day of the book launch, some “thing” like a tsunami happens?

If you have been unsuccessful at manifesting your dreams to completion, here are the 5 steps to Manifesting Your Ultimate Desires:

  1. Start each day with a clear and clean look at life. Look around you and know that God or Spirit is everywhere present. God is in the beautiful sky, the rainy clouds, the tiniest particle in physics, the ever-expanding universes, and even in the worst moments of your life. Your truth should be that God is all in all. If you can’t accept this principle, then the following steps will not work.
  2. Believe that you are a part, a manifestation, and a conduit of the very energy that is God. You were created in God’s image, as a creator, as well. So, discovering who you are and knowing your power to create is the change in your mind that will create dreams that actually come to fruition.
  3. Be thankful for all of your life—the good and the bad. Everything present serves a purpose. With sincerity and authenticity find things to feel truly thankful for in your prayers. This is one of the most important aspects of successful prayer. You can plant the seed of a dream in the fertile energy of consciousness, but only Spirit can grow that seed. Your thankfulness is like watering a plant, knowing with absolute certainty that your seed will grow! This is spiritual law.
  4. (Read this part carefully!) To successfully create a dream, you must understand that—beyond reality—there is a subjective consciousness, full of energy just waiting to be used by you! Ernest Holmes described this energy field as “plastic.” Plastic, because it is malleable and shaped and formed by our consciousness. This ability is the special gift we have as humans. With our minds, we have the capacity to dream and create.

    We must reach out from our human state of consciousness and let our minds dream and shape this unformed “plastic” energy. To do this, we must spend time in meditation and away from deductive reasoning. This dreaming thought is called Inductive Thought. It is our dream state or the observer mind. It is only with this part of the mind can we shape and form the energy of the subjective mind field. If you try to use your deductive mind to create, you will be unsuccessful.

    Once we do this, we must believe IN THE PRESENT that our dreams have already manifested. So, your prayer should sound much like this: “I know that I have already written, published, and launched a financially and educationally successful book using all of the creative energy from Source! Because I know this, I am already preparing for my success dreaming of all of the places I’ll visit on my book tour.”

  5. The next step is to release your vision, your treatment, and your dream to the Law that lets you be a co-creator. Now, believe your dream is so by simply professing: “I release my vision and my treatment to the Law that creates all abundance everywhere!”

    This final step may be the hardest, because many physical obstacles could conveniently appear (in the physical realm) as quite the opposite of your dream. Don’t let these obstacles stop your truth and knowledge of the Law happening in your life. This last step is mental power that takes practice. It is important to say at the end of this prayer: “And so it is!” with all the verve and authentic truth you can muster.

You should continue to treat for your dream until you see signs and manifestations of the dream coming into shape and physical form. Be unrelenting in your belief!

When you can pray with this kind of power, you can manifest just about anything you desire. Remember, your desires are Spirit’s desires!


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