According to His Riches in Glory!

Generally, January is a month that I used to take off because of how incredibly slow it was. But this month I gleaned 30% more business than an average month. When all was said and done, God took care of every need in one month for all the extra bills and my regular bills.

I shared with you that January had been a month of considerable debt. I had a transmission leak and an oil leak in a BMW (not cheap), a had a front tooth break (also not cheap), I had an unexpected $1500 extra to pay in quarterly taxes, and today I had to pay a plumber $350 to fix some clogging issue under my house. All in all, the debt came to almost $5000.

As I shared with you before, I believe that Spirit God is also Unlimited Source. Where there is a need with God, there is also a way to produce what you need. I was inclined to share this need with you because I felt sure God would support my every need and I wanted my readers to see that supply comes with faith in unlimited source.

I also want you to know that I set out at the beginning of this month to lose 10 pounds. I am at a 9 pound loss right now. I gave myself two weeks initially to lose the weight, but I realized that for someone my weight and height, that two weeks was a short amount of time to take off ten pounds. I feel certain that the extra pound will be off in two days by the end of the month.

I can now fit back in all my jeans. Actually, all my pants are desperately needing a belt now. So, maybe the consistent abdominal exercises have been a great help in taking the inches off as well.

The title to this blog is “According to His Riches in Glory!” What exactly does that mean to you? Do you see God as a man in the sky that is doling out money and gold? Or is it more right to see God as spirit ever present, changing our minds about situations and our limitations?

When you see God as spirit changing your mind, then you are more apt to be the creator of your own life and make the changes necessary for good to appear in your life. When you have the expectation that God is a man doling out money, you may get the idea that you are standing in a long welfare line and that there may not be enough when you actually get to the front of the line.

God is not a human. God is spirit. God operates as spirit. This is exactly why we must learn to be in the now and become observers of our human selves. If we expect God to act as humans do, then we anthropomorphize God and change its spiritual ways into human traits. This isn’t good for you or anyone else.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a God who acts like any human I know. I want a spirit rich in Glory and beauty, powerful beyond measure, maker of the universe, and connected to me through prayer and meditation.

I want a God I can look up to and model my behavior after. I’m not sure there was a man besides Jesus that I know of that I would want as a mentor. People have faults. Everyone does. And the problem with making men and women our idols and mentors is that they are bound to disappoint us in so many ways.

I think most of us are grown up enough in spirit to make God be our only model for perfection. Let’s count on, depend on, rely on spirit to change our minds and wills to be a perfect conduit for unlimited good and prosperity! Let’s start now.

* * *

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