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Did you know that if you have a barrel of crabs, you don’t need to put a lid on it so none of them escape? If a crab were to try to escape the barrel, another crab would grab it and pull it back in. Isn’t that just as interesting as imagining actually having a barrel of crabs? However, it does serve as a great analogy about the negative or positive energy of those around us.

Dr. Chris Michaels, a noted speaker and author, shares that psychologists have recently discovered that you are, and will eventually become, an amalgam or the sum total of the five closest people in your life. This analogy speaks to me and should probably speak volumes to you. If you are becoming bitchy and anxious, you probably have people around you who are also acting this way, most of the day, most of the time.

The question is: Do we rid our lives of negative people or learn to not absorb negative energy?

When you live with negative people, work with negative people, and love negative people, no matter how spiritually capable you think you are, you are subject to this negative energy, especially when you have a down day. We all have these low-energy days when we don’t have the momentum to do our jobs, let alone ward off negative people. Also, we cannot be spending half of the day warding off bad energy, and expect to have resources left to do the powerful things we want to achieve in our lives. So, yes, I think it’s time to weed out the negativity.

As Dr. Chris Michael says: You don’t have to throw these people out of your life. However, you can gently side step, far enough away that you create distance enough between you and the negativity. Then, also, you can become more and more positive. When you do this, the negative people will naturally not want to be around you. (paraphrased)

When I moved from Nashville to South Florida, I made a concerted effort to wait for authentic friendships to evolve. Of course, no one wants to be without friends to support them, but having negative friends is worse than having no friends at all. For me, I spent a great deal of time wanting to be in the “in crowd.” So, I would spend time with people I liked, was friendly with, but did not necessarily nurture my soul or lead me to my best self.

Today is a different day. I counted my close friends in Florida and realized that after almost two years of living here, I have only three, and two of them I met online and live in other countries. Over the two years, I thought I was making great friends, until life situations entered, and they proved they could not go the distance with me. Instead of holding on with dear life, I simply let go.

I still have many close friends from Nashville, but developing closeness and authentic relationship takes time and the willingness to let go of people, almost immediately whom you know will not help you become the best person you can be. Your heart will tell you when and if you need to let go. You just have to resist being anxious about loneliness.

I can say that there is one person in my life right now that supports me totally and I him. We talk everyday, pray everyday, and work out our issues everyday with one another in the most honest, forthright, and transparent ways I have ever experienced. We do all of this over Skype, because he is in another country.

When I think of this, I have to laugh. I would have never imagined developing a prayer partner/friendship with someone so far away. But, the truth is, Spirit can take us anywhere to develop that kind of relationship. When you connect on a spiritual and mental level, you do not need the body to be in close proximity to communicate and pray.

I have a myriad of people around me, and Spirit has nurtured a friendship on Skype with someone from Ireland that I can depend upon to be my rock. This is actually a miracle. I thank God for him everyday. I actually look forward to our time together, because I know I will feel better every day after we speak and pray. This is the beauty of looking for, searching for, and being open to a special someone with whom to share your heart and develop spiritually.

We all need to have this kind of relationship. In fact, I’m wondering how I lasted this long without a prayer partner.

Going forward, look at the five closest people and ask yourself if they are nurturing your life. If they aren’t, begin to side step them out of your life to make room for people who can undergird you and support your spiritual growth.


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