A Christmas Fleece

When your human power isn’t enough, Divine Spirit will take over and lead the way. Trust and give your soul over to this power.

Fleecing had started back in the days of the Old Testament when prophets would ask for signs from God to make sure they were heading in the right direction or making the correct decision. I wonder if in the present day we would be better off waiting on God for signs from the One Spirit and Mind to move forward in our daily lives.

Recently, my husband and I asked God for direction. When we didn’t hear anything or see a sign, I made a choice that stepped forward into the future without a strong feeling of peace. What happened in the coming weeks was a sign that I both made the wrong choice but the right decision. Interesting, yes. Can we make a wrong decision and then have Spirit and the angels correct our course?

Yes, if what we need to accomplish is important enough to the spiritual picture, the Spirit can accomplish anything but making your decisions for you. Spirits can coerce and push and pull you to help you make the right choices, but only you can choose. And choose I did.

But, spirit not only corrected my course with the advice of a friend, but helped the friend in the process move forward to divine destiny. We were all blessed, perhaps, not by making the right decision, but by having an open heart to God’s perfect will for our lives.

My prayer for you, my dear friends, on this beautiful holiday is that you know with certainty:

That there is only One Mind, One Love, One Truth active in your world, present in your life—God the Good.

This One Mind created you out of the subjective consciousness and commanded the worlds to breathe life. As we share in this creative power, we can choose to make a brilliant effort to change the world, bring peace back to its borders, and begin to love the Earth and its people with the Compassion God gave us. Seek not to give tangible gifts as much as you seek to bring the gift of your heart and light to the blind, the sick, and the down trodden.

This is my divine intention, and I release it to the one Infinite Creator, the Source, the Law, Intelligent Infinity!

And so it is!

Lots and lots of love and peace,

Bo Sebastian


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