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Everyone seems to want to put the past year behind him/her and begin the New Year with gusto and a set of new goals. In past years, I would take the last week of December and the first week of January off, sit on the beach and write in a journal, reflecting on the desire for change and praying about what I would like to create in my life for the next year.

With this prayer I would set intentions. The dictionary defines intention as “an aim or a plan.” I think that is exactly what our subconscious needs to move us forward and bring us powerful energy from the ethers. Even the Christian and Jewish Bible says in Proverbs 29:18 that “People without a vision will perish!”

I believe God understands the nature of human brains. To plan in our minds and then to create after we have come up with a solid plan is the sign of a good builder. This is a significant way to begin anything, even an idea for a new business or an new outlook on life. Start with a great blueprint.

Everything in life takes a good plan in mind to express in your life as solid matter.

Vision boards are a good way to express dreams or desires for a new way of living. To create a vision board, simply find an old corkboard or a blank poster board. What I do is cut out pictures from magazines that represent my dreams. If I can’t find a picture, I will look on the Internet for one or type out the word in a bold font and print it out to go somewhere on the board. Basically, just begin a large collage of the pictures and words you want to manifest in the near future.

Then place the vision board somewhere prominent in your bedroom, so that you can see it every day. I would make it a point to say a prayer or meditate by the vision board everyday.

For instance, before my last book was ever published, I made a vision board of the mock-up cover and all the places I wanted to travel with the book. I put a picture of Ellen on it. Pictures of New York and Los Angeles bookstores where prominently spaced in the center. A copy of my first check from the book was also on the vision board to represent prosperity. I made a check out for a million dollars and put it on the vision board. All these things are perfectly fine to dream about.

So what, if all of the dreams don’t come true. At least you are moving forward with your vision and your dream. At one point about a year after the book was published, it was time to take down that board and replace it with a new vision of what my next plan was. I prayerfully asked what my next move would be. And set out to make plans to be prosperous mind, body and spirit as God led me.

You see, I don’t look at monetary reciprocity as the only means of success. Sometimes, you just have to do what’s on your heart and trust that the money will follow. This blog, for instance, is purely a vision from my heart. I write every day with no expectation of finance. I came up with the idea of “FINDING AUTHENTIC YOU” and know my business will be created around that name. It may be a set of books, workbooks, vision boards, etc. Who knows, really? But I will follow my heart.

I feel God led me to write, and this is what I am to do today. I have been doing this for almost two years with only one person sending me $25 last week as a thank you present. The money was truly unexpected and a pleasant surprise. Someone from my church sent the money as a tithe from her heart because she said that the blog helped her. That thought gave me the idea to incorporate the name into a ministry or a business. You must open your arms to prosperity and the opportunities for prosperity for money to flow in your life.

See if you can take one step forward today in creating your new dream.

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