A Crystal in the Midst of Chaos #endings #relationshipadvice #divorce #death

A Crystal in the Midst of Chaos
#endings #relationshipadvice #divorce #death

“Ending come in ways we can’t arrange,” Mike said compassionately, as I described trying to put commas and periods, and, perhaps, even exclamation points at the end of sentences in my life, as I prepare to move to Florida. Mr. Lutz’s advice was so much deeper than I expected in that moment, it brought me to a pause in the conversation, so that I could adjust my own thinking to all that transpired around me. In what parts of our lives do we actually have total control? I can think of only one thing: how we think about what’s happening to us. So, if we are in a universe where the only objective is to think correctly, then we have to submerge into the idea that life and relationships take their course when its time, and all we can do is wrap our minds around this changing, forward movement.

I think of a time in my life when an amazing friend passed away. Well, he didn’t just pass away. He took his life. The ending to that relationship was completely out of my hands and also out of the control of everyone from his best friends, to his partner and family. That time was trying for everyone. But I, also, remember turning the corner in my mind, midway through the trials, and realizing that my friend had left an amazing legacy and opportunity for 100 or so people to come together in love in a way I had never experienced before. We laughed. We cried. We played games to take our mind off of the reality of the situation, we drank to ease the sting, and we talked of God and Spirit as if nothing held back the gushing of our hearts. Those three days with my friends are the most important three days of my life to date.

Now, interestingly, most of the people who were involved with the funeral are not presently in my life. My ex-partner has been remarried for 10 years, my close friends have made new close friends, and a couple people have moved away. I’ve even lost touch and have no idea where one friend is. But, my point is that life changes like the seasons. We don’t get to tell God or the universe to stop moving and reshaping the world. We only get to witness that which happens in the Now. We can either love it or hate it. Neither of which matters, except if you want to have a peaceful and prosperous life.

If you want to accept that which is, you have the opportunity to also build a new perception and reality around the present in your mind, as well. Dreaming and believing are also choices humans get to have. Often times, you will see that what you have believed in your mind—bad or good—will come into fruition. The energy we place on our thoughts brings forth action. Action changes lives. Most importantly, it changes your purpose and destiny to one of a peaceful warrior who lives like a crystal in the midst of chaos.


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