A Delicate Equation

Most of us look at life as if it is an impending tsunami ready to attack us daily. We put up steel walls around ourselves for protection and let nothing in or out without two forms of identification, a life boat, and a safe exit. I wonder if life is more like a delicate equation, with all of its fundamental subtleties changing the very substance of who we are—moment by moment!

I have a dear friend—I say have, even though she passed away five years ago—because she is still eminently a part of my life. In so many ways she walks with me through my daily challenges, as I hear her whispers remind me of the concepts of spirituality we learned together. She stays beautifully and comfortably part of my personal equation in every decision. She was a lawyer. I use her advice to this day, as she always took what was dynamically mine as a very inductive soul and helped me transform it to something that had a great balance of deductive, linear fact with a perfect amount of my own spirituality. I like to think that God put her on the scales of my life to give me incredible balance.



This is the only Young Adult Novel I’ve written. But Willa Divine—The Princess of Dixon County will help your children see the delicate balance of opening their little hearts and minds to the larger idea of God all around us, even in the subtle places that we never expect, like in Willa, who is rich and seems to have the perfect life, while Kissy Sue is very poor and her mother died of cancer when she was a baby.  Buy the book here: 


Coming Up: Burgeoning Uncertainty… Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBKXWwgDyHw


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