A Doobie Party

A Doobie Party

I have a dear friend who moved to Nashville from Utah. She comes from a very white bred family of 14 children—Mormon. As she moved here for the music business, she realized that life would be very different. She first got a job with an insurance agency. Her work partner was a tall, buff Asian man who had a haircut that made him look like a little boy. As she tells the story, “All the older women at work were after him and he needed some advice before he was eaten by a cougar.”

After my friend gave him advice, suggesting her sister, the stylist, for a haircut and spending some time getting to know him, she fell in love and got engaged. She and her sister moved her together and live in condos next to each other and do everything together, including church, which is where I met them at the Center of Spiritual Living, far from the path of Mormonism.

They didn’t realize that everyone in the neighborhood (the cool neighborhood–East Nashville) that they were a bit odd. One day they needed something fixed and invited a neighbor to help them. He said, “I’ve been looking forward to helping the ‘hot lesbians.”

They looked at him with a smile and said, “Where?” We’d like to meet them.

One neighbor couple just didn’t like them at all until the fianceé moved in. After which, the couple invited the lovely young blonde and her Asian fianceé to a Doobie party. To which my friend replied, “Oh, thank you, that would be great,” in her Utah accent.

When she announced to her fianceé that they were to go to this party, he asked what kind of party it was. She told him it was a “theme” party. He said, “What kind of theme?”

She said, “A doobie theme. I guess like the brothers, the dog, the 80’s… Not really sure. But isn’t cool that they invited us?”

Her boyfriend just laughed and shook his head. “Honey… a doobie is a kind of a party that is against the law. You know? Pot?”

Of course, she had no idea and she felt like a Doobie!

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