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When you prepare for life and prepare for the worst, you subconsciously feel that the unexpected doesn’t have a right to happen—like a blowout on the Interstate going 80 miles an hour, right after you had the tire checked at Universal Tires.

Yes, indeed, that is exactly what happened. I got up early to get to the tire dealer to make sure that my passenger’s side tire that appeared low wasn’t running with a leak. The repairman filled the tire with air, checked it for about 30 seconds and assured me that it appeared to be just fine. He told me that if it loses air to come in the next day and get it repaired. However, when my car hobbled to the first gas station off of I95, there was a large tear in the tire. I’m sure had the tires not been “run flat” wheels, my car would have flipped over on the road. The tear was that large.

Of course, I was on my way to play the piano for three hours. After dealing with the mess of trying to find an exact match to a BMW run-flat tire and having it replaced, I only got to play for my gig just one hour. Even so, I felt lucky to have achieved that small feat, after this tire fiasco.

The entire time, I stayed calm. The friend who helped me was getting pissed off. Not me. I was frustrated inside, but I wasn’t about to let it show and more manifest anything my graciousness to the new repairman, who convinced me to buy four tires and to get the struts fixed, because they also were about to break to the tune of $2000 total. I was prayed up, had asked Spirit to show me the way to get rid of my distrust of the NOW that morning, and was willing to living in that moment and figure out my divine lesson—if there was one.

“What was this about, God?” I asked.

You gave me a commercial shoot this month, which got me back on track financially again, only to have taken most of the profit away. I assumed that the financial deficit was there for Spirit to show something, but what might that be?

This is what I got from Spirit as I sat quietly and received the message of the moment: I am never poor, never without, and always living in abundance. I believed this message with gusto and trust, because I know I have never lived a moment in poverty, as long as I have understood my place in God’s kingdom as a creator and a small piece of heaven living on earth. I am a Son of God and a conduit of prosperity, truth, wisdom—all founded and framed in pure and unadulterated LOVE. This is my gift to the earth. No one can take away my birthright. And so it is!

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