A Glimpse of Grace

When I made my huge transition to Southern Florida and changed my entire life, I felt as if I was under this huge umbrella of Spiritual grace that continued for a perfect amount of time until I was settled. As I began my new life, one of the first moves I made toward change was to begin a meditation and prayer practice daily. I, also, started a class with a woman who has had 40 years of experience in teaching prayer, which has helped me integrate this practice more efficiently and succinctly into my life.

The dictionary defines grace as: the free and unmerited favor of God. I’m of the belief that everyone can be under this beautiful law of grace. But, for some reason, sometimes, we actually feel mountains being moved, doors being opened, and prosperity flowing in new and unlimited ways. This is what I would consider a time of experiential grace. Why can’t this be the paradigm we live in continually.

We experience these moments of doors opening wide from grace only to show us that the perfect NOW can always be a part of our lives. “As one with the power of the entire Universe, today we reach out our hands together into the Subjective Consciousness of love, grace, peace, and prosperity, knowing that all is in divine order.

“Perfect strength and wisdom enlarges every opportunity to grow financially and spiritually. We see each other whole and complete, and in the embrace of a perfect love for each other and for You, Spirit. We release this treatment to the Law and know it’s so. And so it is!”

Use this kind of prayer when you awake in the morning. Then sit with the prayer and imagine a time in your life when you felt the kind of grace I mentioned above. This is called adding a “mental equivalent” to your prayer, which can be quite powerful if you use it. You can begin to experience the power of grace in your life continually when you sit in silence with a combination of oneness with God, creative intelligence operating through you to express and out-press dreams and positive beliefs, and when you add to it the passion you feel with a mental equivalent, you will see your life change in exponential ways.

Personally, some days I can hardly believe my life is emanating from the same source as it had before I left Nashville. Everything in my life has changed as a result of the mental fix in my prayer and meditation practice. You could have this, too, if you would invest just a small amount of time in creating good from the Source of all Creation.

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Coming Up: The Space Between What’s Real and What’s Possible!

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