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I had a very special friend who was a mortician. Though he wasn’t supposed to, he allowed me to view his workroom as he restored bodies that had no life. At first, I was thinking I would be petrified at the site of such a body. However, after the initial shock of seeing a not-living body, I realized there was absolutely nothing left to this living person. Even the mortician and the stylists had to recreate the image of this person to present to the people at the funeral home.

Dead and alive has one difference: the breath! So, the yogis of old understood this paradigm and took much effort in working with and studying the nature of the breath in humans. Yoga has over 100 breathing exercise that help the person understand the dynamics and the control one has over the breath called the pranayama. These exercises are two-fold. They oxygenate the body and create healthy organs. But, they also create the paradigm of understanding the one and only thing we have control over in our lives: breath.

This same breath leads us to the ONE instant we need to understand to lead a joyful and happy life, THE NOW. So, if you monitor your breath a few times a day, you can also quickly understand that when you release control of the breath, the body breathes on its own volition. This shows that the living, breathing, and function organism—the body—has life outside of your thinking. This is an interesting fact to meditate on.

If the body can breathe on its own, what else can it do on its own. Are there other parts of the body that function from instinctual drive to stay alive, to propagate, to stay hydrated? Absolutely. So, you must constantly distinguish what parts of your thoughts are coming from an instinct and what parts are your mind’s and spirit’s organic thoughts. This can be a daunting chore, especially if you are used to letting your body gets its way. Let’s look at a couple of examples:

Food is an easy one. We must eat to survive. So, hunger becomes a reactive force for the brain. So, if you finish eating your dinner, are completely full, and still feel the need to eat something sweet, then you are allowing the craving of the body to control your mind. If you do this too often, eventually, you will believe you NEED that sweet, which obviously isn’t the case.

Sex is also an easy example. How often are we led by the instinct of the body to be attached to another? This depends on how you have let your body distinguish intimacy and sexuality. If you think sexuality is intimacy, then you will probably crave sex all the time and be in constant pursuit of it. If you control your instinctual desire by telling yourself what is best for your soul and spirit, then your body will not get used to being satisfied sexually, 24-7. Any kind of addictive behavior will eventually lead you down a road to destruction or bad health. Eventually, you have to take control again. This is the way.

I’m sure as you are moving through your day you can think of a few other places in life that you have let the little kid inside have his/her way too often. Now s/he controls your house, your body! In these instances, it’s time to reel in the misbehavior, and begin to take control again. You will feel fantastic as you learn to control the body.

I’ll talk more about this tomorrow.


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