A Hard Thing to Say

Most of us rarely speak what’s truly on our minds. The laws of etiquette and compassion keep us from sharing what may truly be bugging us. Why do we not consider that our own security and comfort is as important as others?

Many psychotherapists believe that there are people who have been brought up in religion and with a social paradigm that teaches that being selfish or taking care of your self is not of God. The act of putting oneself first feels narcissistic, instead of honoring. These types of people who believe this tend to become caregivers as a profession or end up being hard-working parents who will do everything for their families before they ever tend to one of their own physical needs.

Unfortunately, the one physical need that is inherently important to satisfy, because the body won’t function without it is food. So, many people who don’t generally bother with self-care, will finally get hungry. In that moment, he or she will pick the most satisfying treat to fulfill the physical need of hunger and also the gaping hole that exists in his/her heart. I would guess that the food would be something sugary or filled with no nutrition, but have a wonderful and satisfying taste. This, of course, begins a path toward obesity, which won’t change unless something catastrophic happens, like a heart attack or high cholesterol or cancer.

I had a physician friend I dated for a couple years. During that time he would work four, twelve-hour shifts as an ER doctor, then he would also do his four days a week at his walk-in clinic. Of course, his body was wearing away, his health was breaking down, and even his brain wasn’t functioning normally—all as a result of feeling as if he had to fulfill his desire to care give and a need for more financial stability.

What he didn’t stop to think of was that, if he got a heart attack, who would take care of his ailing patients? Who would take care of the bills? He continued to over work, until he ended up having a heart attack. When this happened, he cut down to one job—the day clinic. He also told me that he began to monitor his diet. He decided that vegetarianism was a good plan. He got on a exercise and aerobic regimen. Soon, he was feeling like he had gained ten years of life.

His entire life changed because he took time to take care of himself. However, the bad news is that it took a heart attack for him to wake up! Do we really want to wait that long to change the negative input in our lives? How long will it take you to give up drinking too much, smoking cigarettes, over-indulging in sweets or carbohydrates, and over-committing your time and energy?

All of these things are eating away at the precious time and life you have here on this earth. Do you really want to waste away physicially and not have any moments left for joy and peace?

These are questions that I asked myself a few years ago, when I worked 50-60 hours a week trying to beat the clock about time, money, and relationship. I realized, then, that bliss doesn’t exist on this human plane.

Bliss and fulfillment exists on a plane above joy and pain. We must learn to dwell with the angels in the observer side of our minds to experience true peace. This oneness is not only the path to joy, but it also fulfills every other path you may be seeking: life purpose, relationship, guidance, and general direction.

Having a connection in meditation allows you the power to create and change your human nature in a way you would never expect. One simple moment of quiet a day can change your life forever.

* * *

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