A Karmic Crusade

I don’t make it a practice to share bad things about anybody. However, when I don’t understand why someone treats me or someone else poorly or even an animal without respect, I will make it known to that person. If he or she won’t respond, I’ll ask others about the problem—usually a close friend first. I don’t think other’s bad behavior should be kept inside, lest we end up swallowing people’s sick spiritually for dinner and get an upset stomach for dessert.

I have a dear friend who lets me know—mostly with his eyes and with silence—that I have crossed some sort of social boundary when I go this route. He responds with an aggravated tone, “Now, Bo, you know I can’t answer that. I would be breaking my oath to not share inappropriate things about others. And besides, you know you have lost a few friends by speaking out!”

Really? A friend is upset. You know why. And you won’t tell him what the problem is. What kind of friend are you?

I touched a bit on this when I put a message on Facebook recently that read: If you knew your best friend’s partner was having an affair, would you or would you not tell him/her and why?

I was very glad to read that most of my friends would tell me if my partner was seeing someone else. I would definitely, unequivocally want to know if that were true, but I probably would want you to corroborate your story with evidence. Only one person answered my query to the contrary. He said that he wouldn’t tell, because the affair was that person’s business and karma, not his.

I started to think about that. Does the karma of one person actually change when you poke your nose into his/her business? That’s a very good question.

I would say that you mentioning anything to your friend about the affair probably doesn’t affect that person’s karma. By definition, Karma means “the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences and in this life. So, I believe that person’s fate and karma is already playing out whether you speak out or not.

But that is neither here nor there. The only person we should be concerned about affecting in life is our own human existence. We can’t control anyone else’s behavior. It’s impossible to be selfish when you look at life through the eyes of karmic behavior. Even Jesus said, “Give and it shall be given unto you.” I don’t believe that the Master’s statement just refers to money or tithes.

This is spiritual law. If you give poor behavior, you will also receive that same behavior, in kind. It might not be tomorrow. It might not be next year. But, trust me, karmic spiritual law will find you. So, by being concerned about your own karma, you help the world, not hinder it.

The older I get, the more I understand that if I stand in the rain, I’m going to get wet. If I stand in the thunderstorm, I may get electrocuted. If you believe in karma, you believe there is a reason for all that happens to you. But if you don’t believe in such things, then you might as well stand in the middle of the road and take your chances on getting run over.

When you are around bad behavior, it tends to touch you, like rain and lightening. I care about one spiritual law more than any other: what comes our way is in the perfect timing of God and is for our own spiritual good. To me, it doesn’t matter if what brought the experience was karma or another person’s meddling.

Even if what expresses in our lives is horrible, our hardest and best lessons are at hand. I’m here to tell you, that by virtue of experience and many bad situations, I am a better person, a stronger individual, and a happier person having gone through a tough life.

If it was karmic debt I was paying back, does it really matter? At this point, the only thing I really can do is my best to not bring anymore bad behavior into the world and hope that my good will grow exponentially.

So, when you doubt that your judgment and divisiveness won’t come back to you, think again. Remember Jimmy Swaggart and others like him who have preached one thing and have done another? Life has a way of taking back what you owe it.

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