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Dear Past:

Moving to Florida has helped me resolve so many of my past issues with life. Sometimes, I look back at life and can’t help thinking about the large chunk of this path we spent walking the earth together. Remember the poem: Two road diverge in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both”? 

90% of the time I believe the NOW is the only pertinent moment. But, sometimes I miss you and think, what if…

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Continued from above:

I supposed getting so close to my wedding (my new life ahead) is causing me to take a look at YOU, the past, and see how and what has led me to this juncture. Sometimes one just has to let go of even the tiniest strings that tug from the past to move completely forward.

I can see myself facing forward now, knowing there is nowhere best to go but straight toward my deepest passion and greatest love. To truly do this, I have to jump across the barrier that is YOU, into the arms of my greatest Truth.

Sometimes my family and friends ask about you. I would love to tell them that you are doing great. I only hear stories from friends who can’t possibly know. You are a shadow now that only can be seen in pictures and memories.

Recently I was asked if I had ever acted silly and stupid with friends. I told that person that you and I were the only ones that would make each other crack up.

Now I have you, who also makes me laugh and my heart feel love and security. I guess I knew from the first time we laughed and made fools of ourselves to make each other smile that this was the one.

I can let go now, because I found something that supersedes the past.

The Present Now continues to be my best friend in the world. She’s the angel that never goes away. One constant love that I still have never had a cross word with in 56 years. Her offspring are adorable, beautiful, and full of the power that will create a future worth living.

Old friends, vetted friends lives near me. I can trust these people to live in this special NOW with me. She continues to be a special healing light in my life.

My family is holding up well. They ultimately are replicas of the past. Their stories reflect you perfectly. I’m thankful now that I live closer to them now, as I can live with them now, instead of hear stories about them. I am able to release even my past with them to their own care.

I feel free now to live my life, fully and completely.

I still have no idea what is next for me. In some ways I hope I never discover it. This way I’ll stay on the path walking forward as an explorer of life not just an observer of it.


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