A Lot from a Little

A Lot from a Little

This week has been one of those monumental weeks when you stand back and look at life and wonder if you had just turned a huge bend toward some vast light in the distance. Strength from a place I have never been came rushing toward me to find a new home in my heart.

We learn in psychology that in just twenty-four hours a child learns to mimic the facial expressions of a parent. In a year the child has most of his or her learning mechanisms and love/relationship mechanics in place for the rest of life. That is, of course, unless he or she awakens to a bad behavior and decides that change in Self must take place, even if it takes an entire lifetime.

That person was me. I saw a young boy abandoned and strangled of love early and with little hope of ever having a healthy relationship. I watched people like me, who I attracted to my life, repeat my lessons over and over before me, and yet we all never changed.

Until one day I woke up from the dream and realized that one person could change my life and that person would have to be me. So, I let go of false hope that I had in old relationships, let go of old thought and religion that no longer served me and began to swim in a new vast ocean of Self awareness that started, interestingly enough, with a very loud, agonizing cry, much like a child at birth.

When the last tear was shed, I felt alone and abandoned, but not for long…

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