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I had a dream, which seemed to last the entire night. I had escaped from a mental institution in which I had been placed and drugged to lose my direction and consciousness. A power existed deep within me, though, that found its way out of the institution and clearly wanted to find my way home.

However, I had no memory of my past. The only source I had to go forward was the knowledge of my Name. In the dream, as I tried to find help to get home, I realized I could call no one because all of my telephone contacts were programmed in my phone, which had been taken by the institution. So, what would you do, if you had nothing but an obscure knowledge of Self to find your way home from a bad dream?

In the dream, after many attempts to have people help me get home and to begin on roads that neither looked familiar or in a direction that seemed correct, all I had to go on was a divine instinct to lead me home. As I gave up asking people to help me, I began to walk on the streets of life listening to the Divine Within. Eventually, as I let go of the past and my fear of being lost, I found my way home and to happiness! What a wonderful dream. How imperative it is for us to acknowledge the substance therein.

Home is a metaphor for finding my way to Oneness with Source. The only way that this can happen for anyone, completely, is to let go of our need to be accepted by those around us and to be led by nothing else but the deepest sense of Spiritual Connection within.

Jesus, the master teacher said, “God and I are One!” I believe that what he meant was that when you achieve oneness with the Spirit, or when you let go of your individual egos to find the Oneness we are all capable of attaining, you will find complete happiness, peace, and the ability to overcome all obstacles.

Obstacles only exist as manifestations of our own minds. So, the entire dream was metaphor about releasing my human mind so that I could make room for the Mind of God to encompass my entire being.

Most of us think that when we release our own individuality, we will disappear into the ethers. But, I do not believe that is so. Our individuality is what Spirit uses to express in many different and diverse ways in this earthly realm. Your body and your talents have been created specifically for your spiritual goal. So, doing your absolute best to hone those skills will only increase your power to express as a beautiful and miraculous manifestation of the Great One manifesting through you.

Sublime means: “of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.” This exists for each of us, as we release the past and use the inspiration of the One Great Mind—that is Source. Namaste.

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