A Myriad of Mirrors (Dedicated to Allen Staley)

When I look into your eyes, I gaze into a mirror.
I see myself;
I see possibilities.
You look back at me.
I notice your faith and steadfast strength.
I watch as vast love waits patiently on the precipice of a high cliff overlooking the sea.
I stand with you there, effortlessly balancing on the edge of possibility
Like a mirror facing a mirror
Reflecting on into eternity.

In your eyes I see the strength that undergirds me daily.
It lifts me gently into life.
Your unwavering faith in our future, stands strong against the fierce winds of life.

You walk with me, not toward me.
You stand beside me, giving me space to grow.
You sup with me, always sharing your bread and drink.
You give your knowledge, never lifting it above me.
You caress with the softness of an angel.
Prayer funnels through you like an open conduit from Unlimited God.

When you reflect imperfections, I’m not afraid to change.
When I feel I’ve made a mistake, you lift me up.
When I need to be stronger or faster—without diminishing—you wait for me to catch up.
You stand behind me and in front of me at the same time—watching for danger and ready to catch me if I fall.
Beauty visits me in your every glance.

The law of love has brought us on a path that is full of choices.
You remind me daily that the greatest is to choose to be together.
Next is to decide to treat each other with respect and love.
Perhaps, without even trying, the third choice is to have fun and laugh,
Which happens the instant I wake up and know you will share another day with me.

In your life and in your truth, you provide a myriad of mirrors
Each image reflecting our steadfast love.
I couldn’t feel more blessed.

* * *

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