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When a new year arrives, most of us try to sweep away something old. In its place, we commit to a New Year’s Resolution. We would rather it call it a resolution, then use the scary word: CHANGE! New Years is one of the few times you think of resolution with a strong commitment. But, of the 50% of us who commit to a change, an underwhelming 8% actually achieve their goals. Why is that so?

Here are a few things to remember to make sure you are ONE of those 8% who actually make the change to which you commit:

  1. Make your commitment with a group of people or a partner, so you can help monitor each other;
  2. Give yourself a future incentive for reaching the goal;
  3. Give yourself ample time to achieve the goal;
  4. Hire professional help if your goal deals with a health issue (at least, as a consultant);
  5. Do not give up when you have a small set back.

Almost 38% of people who desire to make change are on the heels of eating way too much during the holidays and simply want to lose weight. If you have ever lost weight before, you know it takes time, diligence, and a proper regimen to manifest results. Not every diet and exercise program works for each person. If you have heart problems, are diabetic, or have another health issue, please consult a professional for help. Most fad diets are very unhealthy and do not last in the end.

Almost 46% of change makers are on a goal to achieve a healthier lifestyle, not just with food issues, but becoming more peaceful, happier, taking more time for enjoyment, and releasing negative behavior such as cigarette smoking or drinking too much or too often. Of these people trying to change habits, only a sad 5% achieve long-term results.

As a life coach and clinical hypnotherapist, most years, you could not even get an appointment in January in my office. Some people would pay for five sessions to commit to change. Unfortunately, after the first session, when they realized hypnosis was not magic, I did not walk on water, and that the individual actually had to make the changes, some would simply never show up for the rest of the sessions. Out of embarrassment, they would lose 100s of dollars, because they were too ashamed to ask for their money back. Who knows, maybe they thought they would eventually want to come back, when they had more time, less stress, or more motivation.

However, do you know of a time in your life when stress lessened, without you being at the helm of your life and making a change that caused your life to really become different? I certainly do not know of a time in my life when any change occurred when I did not lead it there with a tight harness.

This year, if you desire to commit to a change for a New Year’s Resolution, do it with your MIND first. Remember, as in the title of my new book coming out just in time to help you with this (in January)… lol… that all change happens in your mind, first. You must change your Old Story, to make a consistent and long lasting change in Your Life.

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