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Recently, I heard that the United States had been considering releasing the penny from circulation, because it costs more to make than its worth. However, the problem with releasing anything in a world where we are all too rigid to make change is that establishing a new order for money seems frivolous and ridiculous to the masses.

We would have to wonder about the consciousness of a person who would rather carry a pocket full of pennies than a wallet full of hundred dollar bills. Perhaps, the pennies feel bigger because their weight is significant and tangible. The dollars—from one to five hundred—all appear to be the same weight, size, and have a similar basic image.

A dear friend and I talked about the reality of a penny in today’s economy. We primarily use the penny to create a dollar amount that looks cheaper than its rounded-up counterpart ($29.99 vs. $30.00), and for nothing more, really. So, to rid our economy of this cent value would create an immediate problem with advertising and marketing. Where once we easily distinguished between 29 and 30, we now have to begin to look at thirty as only one penny more expensive. Our human minds still see the $29 part as the significantly less amount to pay, even though it has barely any bearing on the true amount.

This entire concept of distinguishing the value of something by one penny creates intrigue. Why would a logical person even care, really? Do we need one penny to distinguish anything? I would say no.

Human consciousness, in general, fixates on and feels the need to place tangible value on things that have little to no value to the human spirit. We would dicker over one cent but don’t really care about our brothers and sisters in a different part of the world or in our own backyards. We would consider buying fast and furious cars more than we would spend $300 on a spiritual weekend. I’m not sure why this is so. I just know it is!

Could we distinguish the small difference in our own spiritual lives if we were forced to, as in the pathway of the penny’s exclusion in the U.S.? Many would have a difficult time deciding what makes a small difference, spiritually, because few people really listen to their own inner voice where spiritual matters are concerned. We listen to church leaders and our own instincts and desires more than the quiet voice of the Spirit’s urging.

How do we change our hearing to listen to be attuned to the precious and peaceful voice of our deepest truths? First of all, I know I say this a lot, but we have to get used to being quiet. If you are NOT doing a daily meditation, I would urge you to begin your practice. In the silence there is a secret place… a secret meeting place… God is there. Peace is there. Love is there. You are there—completely in the NOW.

The only way to distinguish anything spiritually is to know the difference between the voice of the human ego and the voice of your highest consciousness. To do this, you must visit this place of your highest consciousness frequently to get to know the big YOU. This is just like dating. We don’t marry before we know someone completely. Once we do marry, we often know how our partners communicate without them even speaking, because we understand the small nuances in their behavior.

This is also true with communicating your truth to anyone in your life, especially, though, establishing a clear line of truth with yourself.

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