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I was pleasantly surprised when I came across an autobiography of a man on Match.com that said, “I’m looking for a man to make me close this account forever!” This was the delight of my morning, because his words so perfectly described what most of us desire. (I’m not talking to the people who love being single and enjoy having a different person every week.) This message goes out to the vast majority of people, straight and gay, who really desire to have a lasting relationship—one that will last through the challenges of time.

If you are on the hunt for that ideal person, I guarantee you will find it a challenge. Most people join sites like Match.com and have to go through 50 dates to find just one that is worth going out with a second time. For me, I have found people who are nice, people I’m attracted to, but none seem to be in the same place about relationship as I am. Most have an unrealistic view of what relationship is because of a recent divorce, a bad break-up, or they simply have too many attachment issues. The trick to finding that one perfect mate is… oh, wait, I don’t know what that is, because I haven’t found it yet!

Well, I certainly know what NOT to do and what signs to look for to make sure that your budding relationship will actually eventually bloom.

  1. If your date says you are the first person he has dated or kissed in a long period of time, run!
  2. If your date tries something strange sexually the first time you have sex, run!
  3. If your date describes some odd fantasy that sounds a little too kinky for your tastes, run. He or she will probably opt out of love to get satisfy that fantasy, eventually. (This happened to me after 2 years of bliss and happiness.)
  4. If someone is married and in the stages of separating or getting a divorce, run. I know it’s tempting, because he or she is usually the type of person that is stable and securely attached. However, this person is in a stage of his/her life that is apt to want to look around, first, before settling down again. I call this the “Wild Oats” season. (This just happened to me, recently, after long discussions about commitment and what we wanted. After opening his heart to love, he realized he hadn’t had enough opportunities to date before settling down. This was soon after he met some hot dude at the gym who was in hot pursuit of him.)
  5. If your date gets angry easily, run.
  6. If your date cannot treat strangers nicely, he’s apt to treat you poorly eventually.
  7. Lastly, if you are not on the same page, spiritually, you probably shouldn’t run, but a slow walk away would be a safer bet. I have many friends who have had fairly good relationships without the spiritual component. But the happiest couples are those who share the deepest part of their spiritual heart. I know, because I’ve been there, that our anxiousness can cause us to pursue relationships outside of our spiritual desire. However, I’ve decided, I’m willing to wait this time.

As most of my friends who are in relationships say, “When you are not looking, you’ll find him or her!” However, if you’re a hermit, sitting alone every night, you’ll probably not find a date either. Finding someone takes action! Even if that action is simply pursuing your own interests to be social in groups such as Meetup.com, you’re more likely to meet that person with the same likes and dislikes.

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