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I have a client who is suffering and in pain almost constantly. When we have sessions, he spends the first 15-20 minutes in tears, wishing… hoping… that his symptoms would change, but he is rather certain that they will not. During these initial moments of listening and giving compassion, I—the practitioner—have to stand steady with my truth about that person. I must hold on to my own belief about him, no matter what his condition has become. Why is this so?

First of all, if you plan to help anyone out of a painful situation, you must not lose your hope and vision of that person’s wholeness. The molecules of faith you bring to the conversation can turn the situation around in a matter of moments, if you stay grounded in your belief.

If you do not stay grounded and acquiesce to the idea that this person will never get better, then you bring to the table the same negative energy as the person in pain. This only directs the creative energy of the universe in the way of pain. You have to be the deciding force that shifts the energy to positivity. You can only do this, if your mind is fixed on the Truth.

What is the truth about anyone? Here are some examples I say to myself:

  1. The same molecules that made the ocean and the beautiful sky also made this person.
  2. The same healing energy that heals a cut or a bruise must also be present in his body to heal other kinds of disease.
  3. His body is whole already, because Source made it whole. I must see this wholeness NOW and believe it completely.
  4. The Law allows me to sow seeds of truth in and around this individual that will grow into thriving life. As I plant these seeds, I must have faith in the power that turns the seeds into a fruit-bearing tree.
  5. The same energy that turns a caterpillar into a beautiful flying creature is within this person in pain, ready to change this individual’s pain to wholeness.

If I can keep my sight set on these kinds of truths, I notice that within about twenty minutes, we are laughing together. It is then I have the opportunity to share what I believe about him—to him.

When I begin to confess what I believe aloud, he also begins to see himself whole. Now, we have two people believing the truth about this man. Our energetic power becomes exponential in the Universe. With this, healing begins to manifest.

I know this for certain that the tiniest molecule of faith can turn a disaster into beauty.


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