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Everywhere you look, sickness abides. It rests in small places, in physical bodies, in hospitals, and in entire countries. Illness has become a modern day reality. We all take a certain amount of pills or prophylaxis to prevent disease; but the reality in consciousness is: even if you do not have disease, you had better prevent its likelihood with this treatment or this perfect concoction of vitamins, so that you will not get sick.

However, the permeating thought in society is that we all possess or will possess sickness at some point. How do we circumvent this thought? Or is sickness simply a reality that me must deal with on a daily basis?

If I told you that I really do not know the answer to this, would you be surprised? I am so enslaved in my own aches and pains on a daily basis, that my one truth has become: “Just take your meds and be done with it! You will feel better, be able to function normally, and will not have to live an entire day in pain.”

This may be an unhealthy way of thinking, when I consider the spiritual wholeness of my own body. Even, I know this truth, as I take my daily pills. But, prior to my daily regimen of pills, I had spent 10-15 years trying every kind of yoga, meditation, holistic process, or vitamix to prevent and stop the continual pain manifesting in my body, but nothing worked. What a frustrating reality for me to realize that my BODY was simply acting on its own accord and dying like the rest of the world, one day at a time, getting closer to its own demise. Finally, my thought became, “You are wasting so much time feeling pain. Denying its presence. And trying to treat with so many hours of prayer, study, and diets. Why not just take some daily medication and feel better?”

When I came to this realization, I actually became a happier person. When I let go of the idea that I had to manifest health without help from any doctor or practitioner, I realized that I could live life with more ease, if I just looked after my own body as I did, say, my mother’s aging body. I would not think to tell my mother that she does not need her heart medication after having a triple bypass surgery. Certainly, I could see that even I may be subject to the very gene pool she had and my father, who died of heart disease and cancer.

My point is: I know that I AM NOT A BODY. However, I know that my Spirit—my essence—indeed, lives in a body. This body is human and it needs my care and, perhaps, the care of medical and holistic practitioners. I have come to the conclusion, from the point of my own amount of spiritual power to manifest perfect health that even the most adept teachers of spirituality have passed on and died of diseases that inflicted their bodies. Were they, too, taking pills? Or did they die because they refused to take pills? I cannot be sure.

However, I know, with certainty, what I feel about doctors and practitioners, as I have been a practitioner, myself, for many years. We need them to help us along our physical path as we learn to manifest health without the need of medicine on our spiritual path.

So, until, I know I can manifest health perfectly without the need of medication, I will be diligent in taking care of my own body with the means provided me by God, THROUGH caring practitioners.


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