A Smile #poetry by Bo Sebastian

A Smile by Bo Sebastian

A flash—a moment—a smile
Revealing heart, strength, kindness, past and future in one breathless pause

If I were a boy watching from a distance
I’d want to be you, knowing there is something magical to look forward to
On an awesome journey toward adulthood

If I were an old man sitting on a park bench
I’d remember the day my leap stretched as far as your smile
I’d look back with joy

If I were a mother
I’d hold you close, never wanting your youth to go away
If I were a passer-by catching a glimpse

I’d hold the inner snapshot forever to share with my soul when I was sad

But I am merely a seeker of love who only sees Braille and traces it with my fingers
Softly and carefully, waiting for it to surface and show its truth

With soft, tender words, your smile becomes a person, like a sculpture chipping away at marble

How many words will it take to uncover your beauty?
Ah… that it were just that moment it took to capture your smile

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