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I have been working on my new interactive website in which you will be able to go to the site after reading a blog and find a Daily Spiritual Challenge. I will be releasing a book at the same time called: Finding Authentic You: 7 Steps to Effective Change—Spirit, Mind and Body. I’m also going to start a group that meets once a week to follow the Year to CLEAR CHALLENGE (Clear is an acronym meaning Compassion-Love-Enthusiasm, And Relationship-Ready). I have about two more months, maybe three, to get the website done. I had no idea how big of a project this would be. I simply answered the call from spirit one day to start. I didn’t take time to think. I just followed the lead.

I guess this is my point today. If we step into life looking at our challenge to make change, get a degree, find relationship, buy a home or a business, as something monumental and huge, we are not likely to step forward onto the path. But if we simply take one step at a time, we are bound to find our calling, even on the pathway to our goal.

I worked on a Daily Challenge yesterday called “Gray Marriage.” The reading talked of how politics tries with all its might to get into the middle of what should be an intimate decision. Who is with me here? Can you decide for me whom is the right person to be intimately involved with? So, why are so many politicians trying to make sexuality a platform? It simply annoys me.

The most important aspect of change is to be able to clear the way for your positive, strong voice. Most people come to me barely able to express how they feel. But my duty is to help them clear the pathway between their heart and throat chakra to share with friends, family, and intimate partners how they really feel.

However, one thing that I emphasized in this Daily Challenge was about the ability for us to step out of our comfort zone and share our positions and truths with people who oppose our thinking. This doesn’t have to be about sexuality. It could be about human rights in general.

For instance: Someone at work makes a slur about a Muslim woman. She wears a niqab to work every day. Someone in the kitchen drinking a cup of Joe with you casually make a racial slur while conversing. Instead of smiling and swallowing your emotions with the next sip of your coffee, you simply say: “You know, Aadila is a nice woman and a hard worker. I’m not comfortable with your prejudiced remarks, especially in the work place. In fact, did you know that her first name means honest, equal and upright?”

There, you’ve said it. You have cleared the path to changing the world, one person at a time. Most people just don’t speak up when confronted with a situation like that. We can’t be mousy and spiritual at the same time. Being humble and at peace takes clearing the dross from your mind and heart to stay at one with your good. If you continue to ingest other people’s opinions and feelings without sharing yours, you will never stay on the pathway to peace.

A balance exists between being outspoken and saying your piece/peace. Own your opinion by always beginning with “I feel,” or “it occurs to me…” or “I think that…” If you don’t accuse anyone of bad behavior, you are more likely to make a stronger point. Tell that person your feelings; don’t blame her for hers.

No one likes to be told what to do, especially if he/she already has a chip on the shoulder about a certain culture. We don’t know what kind of experience he has had in the past to cause him to feel this strongly. Perhaps, his brother was in one of the buildings of the World Trade Center. Suddenly, that would make all of his opinions understandable, yet still not right. So, tread with caution, but don’t allow others to take away your power—ever!

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