A Time for Celebration — Dr. Rev. Arleen Bump

Often, we wait for holidays and birthdays to celebrate what should be honored and cherished everyday. However, joy can be garnered in the occasional special day for a great person in your life.

Today, I have the honor of helping my congregation celebrate the 20th anniversary of our minister at our church and her 40th year of ministry in the Centers of Spiritual Living. Rev. Dr. Arleen Bump is a great teacher and minister, in fact, the best teacher I have experienced thus far in life. A wise person said, “When the student appears, the teacher shows up.”

I have been searching for a long time for someone to help me to the next level of my spiritual life. I have read many books with authors beckoning me to a higher consciousness. But, when I came to Florida, my distinct understanding from Spirit was that I would find the teacher that my heart and soul had been searching for.

I have always felt that I had been a student of life. But, I’ve not often felt encouraged to sit under another human to learn about what, I thought, only Spirit could teach with life’s lessons availing themselves daily. With that being said, I wonder, if we all have those special human teachers waiting to help us to our next stage of spiritual growth. Have you been searching for a mentor? If so, how have you been looking and where?

My search began without my knowledge. Suddenly, I had questions that were left unanswered by anyone. Even in my own seeking in meditation and prayer, I felt I had been missing a Divine piece of the puzzle. I sincerely believe that if Spirit had wanted to reveal this piece of the puzzle by divine intervention, I would have gotten it. Sometimes, however, I notice that human relationship and connection are needed to supply the missing pieces with the compassion and empathy needed to plant the seed deep in our hearts. And, of course, Divine Timing is imperative for this to happen.

With a new venture, a new life, a great and exciting step forward, we often need a different outlook. For me, it was a different environment, a move toward family, and the teaching of a different person, with different words, pushing me toward the greatest lessons of my life.

If you feel the need to move forward in your spiritual life, perhaps there is a teacher or mentor just waiting for you to show up. Don’t stop searching. For me, my teacher took ten years to appear. I’m not sure how long Spirit will grace me with this desire to learn from this individual, but I’m enjoying every moment now, especially today, in the celebration of her life’s work.

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