A Tisket, A Tasket, A Green and Yellow Basket

I love to decorate. I believe the gay gene presents itself strongly and firmly in that area of my life. I have more knickknacks than I have clothes. Of course, people come into my house, and the first thing they notice is a sense of peace. But I believe it’s because they sense my things are placed correctly and in order. How does one find that order without having this particular designer sense?

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of spatial arrangement. Much of this art is about intention and drawing positive spiritual law into your life. Even if you don’t believe in the art, you can imagine that if you put a picture of a man in your relationship corner, intentionally, then every time you look at that picture, you will know that your intention is to find right relationship. I went one step further. Not only did a put a picture of a handsome man in that corner, before I met Allen, I put articles that represented love and respect and compassion also in that corner.

Every day I would remind myself, simply by taking my prayer time in that space, exactly what I intended for myself. Intention is power spiritual action moving forward toward positive results!

The law of mind and spirit would state that what you believe in your mind will express itself in form and matter in your life. So, if you create intention in your home and in your surroundings, you are likely to attract exactly what you ordered from Spirit.

I’m not a “name it and claim it” kind of minister. I have always believed in the laws of spirit. I believe they work for everyone. But one law trumps all other laws. That law aids you in your spiritual growth. So, if you thought it would be wonderful to be rich, perhaps, that might not be in your present paradigm, even though you pray about it every day. Well, maybe “rich” isn’t a part of your spiritual path. Perhaps, spirit wants you to trust that all of your needs will be met, first, by learning the great gift of Faith. This spiritual law will trump your physical intention every time.

When you learn faith, then maybe Spirit will allow the greater gift of financial prosperity in your life. I can speak from this place from experience, because I always pray for prosperity in every area of my life. In fact, this is a daily practice. However, I truly don’t have a lot of savings. Every need is met. I have a beautiful home. I drive an expensive car. I have everything anyone would want, but I don’t have the benefit of knowing this money will be present over the long haul.

I ask myself why is this so, many times. The spirit keeps reminding me that I have never had to worry about money or things. I simply “choose” to worry about money. When I need it, the allowance is always there.

For instance, I thought I would have enough to pay off my BMW at the beginning of the year. In fact, I intended that. But from December to February many things went wrong in my life that caused major bills to the tune of 21 thousands dollars. My roof blew off in a windstorm, my car had two major problems, my plumbing went kaput, my front tooth broke off, a friend I loaned money to lost his job, and two major appliances had to be replaced.

As I attended to all the problems, of course, my desire to pay off the car went on the back burner. I tell you this because, intention is wonderful, but don’t get caught up in the results. You must stay present and allow spirit to lead you through the hard places to get to the joy and ease of the soft places. You intention should always be to learn the lessons that will move you forward in your spiritual life.

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