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When considering your life, you must always realize that this universe is a universe based on the Law of Attraction. So, what you think, what you believe, and what you say will always attract to you the contents of your mind.

If you want to change your life for the better, you must always begin with aligning your self to the harmony and peace of the universe. If all you do to change your thoughts is switch to a thought that is about something beautiful on earth—a hummingbird, a butterfly, the ocean, the stars—then you immediately switch off the negative thought and turn back on the attraction to the positive energy. Your goal here is to stay in the positive energy as much as you can to attract a positive outcome.

Now, we live in a world of CONTRAST. So, it is highly likely that negativity will present itself to you today. What should you do with that negativity? Well, if it comes to you as a negative person spewing his or her ugly thoughts on you; distance yourself from that person. Begin to see him or her bathed in a beautiful purple light. Imagine that light to be unconditional love. Remember: You cannot change anyone. You can change your perception, though.

If the negativity presents itself to you as a condition in your life, learn to look at that condition as a lesson.

We learn everything in our life from this condition of contrast in the Universe. We don’t, however, have to stay in the negative energy of the condition to learn the lesson. In fact, the quicker we recognize the lesson, the fast we can pull ourselves out of the negativity. We can think positive thoughts about it. But, it is important to be gentle with your self while pulling yourself out of the mire. Give your self time. You may need to scream, to punch a pillow, or exercise until you are exhausted. But, the objective here is to slowly pull yourself back into your positive energy with the idea that your condition is temporary and only a lesson.

Lastly, we must learn to know what our desires are in life and not be afraid to think of these desires, almost constantly. Whenever a negative thought pops into your mind, see yourself in your dream as already having your goal. See it clearly. If you can’t see that dream, then simply focus on something beautiful. The goal here is to stay positive, in positive energy all day. Why? Because you live in a universe based on THE LAW OF ATTRACTION!

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