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I have met a great deal of new people already in my first week in Florida. I notice, most often, that each biographical story usually carries with it some sort of derisive past that has moved each person away from the contention of judgment to Southern Florida, a place where life is more open and belief is a choice—not a recommendation. So many people have been pushed away from spiritual belief because of judgment, sin consciousness, and a strong sense of self-righteousness. This disenfranchisement hurts my heart. In so many ways, I feel as if I’ve been led to Florida to find some of these individuals and tell them that their own path to truth is perfect and real!

I met a man last evening who told me he was Agnostic, which is the third person this week. But, after talking to him about what inspires him, he seemed very spiritually open. I told him about The Centers of Spiritual Living and how they teach people “how to believe” not “what to believe.” His eyes immediately lit up. I don’t know that he’ll try church again, and it certainly doesn’t matter to me. However, just knowing that bodies of people exist that don’t judge and will embrace you, no matter where you are on your path is such a blessing to these individuals.

I know that many people reading this blog are on different places in their spiritual path. Some are Christian, some Buddhist, some Agnostic, some New Thought, and some just haven’t figured it out yet. I want you to know that your personal walk is no one’s business but your own. Even Jesus, the master teacher, said never to “cast your pearls before swine,” as they will be trampled on and destroyed.

Your pearls in this metaphor are your deep-seated beliefs. They are to be protected with all of your being, especially during the times when they are gestating and developing. Your beliefs are like a caterpillar spinning a web to form a cocoon. In this silent place of love and spiritual guidance, directly from God, your thoughts and beliefs begin to congeal and transform. Eventually, what you believe will help you fly above judgment and derisive actions.

Trust me on this: When you figure out who you are, your place on this planet, and are open to Spirit’s guidance every day; you become like a constantly changing, expanding universe of thought and truth. You will be like a crystal in chaos!

Keep searching and never stop!



The book on your right is a channeled book that came to me in a dream. An angel appeared to me and said, sit at your computer and write this book. I simply listened and wrote. Even when I reread this book, I get new insights into meditation and being open spiritual direction. I hope you enjoy it.

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