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Helen Keller said: “Life is either a great adventure, or nothing at all!” She didn’t say to life and to God, “I’m deaf, dumb, and blind, and I have nothing more to feel but pity for myself. No, she learned to speak and became a profound orator. Edward Snowden has made his purpose perfectly clear to the world. His moxie and poise about his recent desire to expose undercover operations in the US, in my estimation, is the meaning of defined purpose. What exactly is keeping you from your Dynamic Purpose today?

Before you lay a panacea of opportunity, adventure, and love, just waiting for you to accept the challenge with open arms. More importantly, though, you must step forward into the next moment of your life with faith that God and Spirit are on your side, helping you to find to your life’s purpose. Otherwise, why else would we be here on this earth?

When I look around me at the crime, the problems, the killing of innocent people and children, the tsunamis and world disasters, I quickly understand that life isn’t about the ephemeral. What isn’t permanent passes away as soon as it manifests. Life must have a greater meaning. For that reason, I press on to my next day and my next moment, knowing my heart will lead me to life’s ultimate goals and purposes—for me.

I don’t know if each of our lives holds one great purpose. For me, life has been many small purposes. Maybe, one day, all of these small purposes will lead me to a greater purpose. I’m comfortable, however, with being spoon-fed through the tough moments and being given what I have today to the world and to the people led to my life.

I believe you have to be open to your life’s purpose, too, to make the most out of your life. If you’re a garbage collector, then make sure you listen for the call of Spirit to lead you to be the perfect and most affable garbage collector you can be. Maybe, some day soon, you will rise above the position and look back at your days of collecting garbage with a metaphor about life only you could share.

Most people are interested in getting their work into the hands of a large companies and publishers to create the biggest impact. I was, too, for a long time. Then, one day, I realized that for most of my life, I have sat on my gifts and kept them hidden on a nested folder on my laptop. No one gets the benefit of all my hard work as a writer, if 2/3 of my work is lying dormant on my computer, just because some big publisher didn’t think I had a big enough platform to make an impact for their company.

Maybe I’m not supposed to make a big splash now. Maybe I’m supposed to start with a small ripple. That ripple will move out into the ocean of life and become a wave. That wave may someday splash onto the shore of life with a large impact in God’s perfect timing. But, what’s important is that I decide my purpose. What is in mind, manifests in kind.

If you believe you have nothing to share with the world, you will share nothing. If you believe that God created you with an individual talent and special cause, you will some day manifest that cause in a way that is meant for whomever God intended it. Yes, we cannot make people believe in our causes, buy our products, books, CDs, and art. But we can continue to create and speak and believe, because we are made in the image of Creator God. Therefore, we are meant to manifest in this world and wonderful and adventurous ways.

Now, go out and be who you are meant to be today!


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