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We learn a great deal about our own lives as we carefully watch the problems of others—especially celebrities. We learn to collect the facts before we judge. We learn that being accused doesn’t necessarily mean to be convicted. We recognize that the news media inevitably spins everything out of control on purpose to get our attention. So, after those truths about what we should do, have you already convicted Bill Cosby— beloved comedian, husband, and father—of multiple rapes, before a jury of his peers has had all the evidence to make an educated decision?

Bill Cosby

I know that I have, just the same way I convicted Bill Clinton about Monica Lewinski, Tawana Brawley in her attempt to accuse six men of rape and then stage being buried alive, and Oscar Pistorius and O.J. Simpson… et al. I wonder, sometimes, what life would be like if I had been accused of something I didn’t do and even my friends had trouble exonerating me. What exactly would I do?

As I have shared, before, I actually have gone through that very scenario. When I moved to Nashville from New York City, my best friend accused me of stealing her business and hired a lawyer to keep me from my rightful belongings, which she borrowed. Even the ministers at church had sided with her—at first. Trust me, the first six months of moving back to Nashville were horrible. The only decision I could make at a time like that was to HOPE that the truth would surface, and those who loved me and the law would be on my side. Fortunately, for me, that’s what happened. However, that is not always what happens. Many people get accused of crimes and never get exonerated because the accused has the burden of having an alibi. Sometimes, you sit alone and no one is watching. For that, many have been put behind bars with a lot less evidence than a smoking gun.

I had a friend who worked as a lawyer for a child advocacy protection program in Nashville. She often told me how unfair the law was. She actually stopped practicing law and turned to writing law, instead, as a result of the injustice she saw in the two years she tried to help young, abused children. Add to the law, the crazy media frenzy, who wants everyone to appear much dirtier than they are. At best, all we have is a mass of eschewed evidence appearing real.

This time, with Bill Cosby, however, I have decided I’m going to watch without judging aloud, just to experience a different paradigm. I have decidedly taken my hat out of the ring and will not talk about this with anyone, because I simply don’t know enough to make a judgment. I can tell you what I feel in my mind. I can share with you what I see in Mr. Cosby’s eyes. I know what probably will happen with his career. But, nonetheless, right now—NO COMMENT!

Is not judging good for our souls? Do you remember the scripture in the Christian bible, Luke 6:37, that say, “Judge not, that you should not be judged”? Or consider the Buddhist principle of upekkha, which is judgment with no attachment. And think about the Apostle Paul’s take in James 4:12: “There is only One Lawgiver and Judge, He who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?” Does this mean that the writers of these words didn’t judge themselves? I would believe to be human is to judge, righteously or not. It’s in our DNA. Nonetheless, NO COMMENT!

So, what of trying not to judge? Will it help our souls stay unattached from the media frenzy and keep our lives safe from others judging us? Try not judging anyone for a day and tell me how it goes…


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