Actual Facts vs. Alternative Facts—“Bad Media!”

Do you remember when you were 16 years old? You thought you were badass and knew you had more actual facts than your parents, especially your dad who was a know-it-all.

You got home from history class and began to talk to your family about WWII. You shared some very interesting fact about:

In 1942, American radio DJs were prohibited from taking listener requests. The government feared that enemy spies would embed secret messages.

Your dad quickly corrects you. You argue, because your teacher and the books just told you an alternate_fact than your dad just shared. However, what you didn’t know until that moment was that your dad had actually fought in WWII and had almost gotten killed about 10 times, as he was a part of the ground force. Your father had some very real facts that didn’t sound much like your teacher’s facts or the facts in your history book. Who were you to believe?

What the book recorded and the teacher, thereafter, taught was from one informed or uninformed writer who happen to tell this story, perhaps, with an eschewed point of view, depending on his resources. At 16 years old, who thinks about checking for resources to find out truth? You just wanted to show off to your family. Then, you decided never to speak your truth again, because you simply weren’t sure that what you shared would line up with your father’s truth.

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Continued from above:

As adults we have a responsibility to check sources when we hear news. We should turn the channel and watch another station. We should Google the trending and current news and read it from various resources and sites.

Recently, I shared with a friend some current news. She seemed to have an “alternate” set of facts about the news. I asked her immediately, “What news source do you watch?”

She replied, “Fox!”

I tried not to roll my eyes but wondered, how can a media outlet as big as Fox News tell a story with such varying facts, or leave out important facts, without having to be scrutinized by the law? Isn’t reporting false facts against the law? Is Fox News doing actually promoting lying to the public? Why shouldn’t Fox News be accountable for these unofficial stories?

“Well,” my friend replied, “how do you know the news you watched was correct?”

“Because,” I said, “I have researched the news in various places and all of my resources are saying the same thing. Do you really think that every resource I looked up is collaborating together to give the public the same incorrect news???” This could be the only reason why only Fox or the CBN would be reporting that Donald Trump is ahead in the polls by 20 points and all of the others reported down by 5 points. Eschewing the news actually helped Donald Trump win the election, in actuality. No one asks for proof from a news source. We simple take it for truth as did when we were reading our history books or looking up information in the Encyclopedia. We assume we are being told truth.

Collectively, though, people watch what they want to see on television. For instance, if I want to believe that Donald Trump is telling the truth that Hillary Clinton should be locked up, for instance, and I don’t hear that on one station, I’ll simply turn the channel until I hear railing against Hillary Clinton.

When Donald Trump scolds the media and literally dismisses questions because he feels as if they are too complex to answer, as he did in one interview recently with an Orthodox Jewish reporter, it seemed as though Trump is becoming a dictator, demanding respect when he only holds a position of respect because of being elected to it. He, like anyone else in my life, must gain my respect by making sound decisions.

Scolding news reporters and consistently giving incorrect information from the PODUS podium is simply not the kind of accountability that gives me any kind of respect. (YouTube.com)

Trump wanted the media to ask the questions he wanted to hear. So, he scolded those reporters who asked the wrong questions and upbraided the reporters who seemed to avoid his troubling, sometimes unknowledgable, areas, like knowing what the Black Caucus was.

I was dismayed, to say the least. The news media was angered.

Now, all of the U.S. is left with a very complex situation where the media is being left out of the democratic process. What’s next? Will the Declaration of Independence and our ability to have free speech decline as this president trumps all of our questions with his winning election facts (even these he isn’t sure about)?

Let me know how you feel in the comment section.


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