Addressing Sexual Fantasies—Caught Off Guard by the Past

(This blog is definitely PG and directed toward people with fantasy addiction. If you do not want to experience the harsh truth about this subject, I wouldn’t recommend this read.)

I caught myself fantasizing about something… I’m not going to tell you the subject—yet. In that moment I realized that the fantasy was an old one, one that had started at a young age and protected me from the harsh reality of my abusive childhood.

So, I did some self-inquiry about the fantasy. “Do you really want ____, Bo?” “Would ________ bring you peace, Bo?” “Are you unhappy? Is that why you find yourself fantasizing about old thoughts, Bo?”

Notice, I use my name when I do self-inquiry. This personal usage asserts that I address my ego self with my observer mind.

Self-inquiry also allows your highest self to ask your body and mind exactly what it feels without judgment. You may address a sexual need or hunger by saying: “Are you really hungry, Body?” “Isn’t sex three times a week enough for you, Body?”

Do you see the difference between inquiring about a thought and inquiring about a physical feeling or urge, in the examples above? The first inquiry to a fantasy would be conjured by the ego mind, because the ego mind is where all of the data is stored from your past. Every attachment in your life, even your fantasies were taken in and processed by the deductive mind. The second kind of inquiry would be to the physical body and its urges.

Here is an example of fantasy addiction: I have a few sexually addicted clients who use pornography, specifically, one or two minutes of a particular movie to alleviate their sexual needs. This small portion of the movie often portrays a certain proclivity toward an obtuse sexual fantasy. Because the addict programs his mind with the same scenario over and over again, the movie or fantasy becomes a sexual need. It may also stand in the way of any true intimacy. One may use this portion of porn to fantasize even while having sex with someone he or she loves. This is an addiction, not to porn, but to fantasy.

This is why I speak of the difference between an organic bodily need and a thought. Because each need has to addressed differently. The thought is more likely to be attached to a fantasy or a protective mechanism, which is often known as an Internal Family Member, trying to keep you safe from something terrible you experienced as a child. (Check out other blogs on my site about this Internal Family Systems.)

The only way out of this kind of mind addiction is to force yourself not to retreat from the present or NOW. Pinch yourself. Listen to your breath. Feel the touch of your clothes on your body. Look into the eyes of the one you love while you are intimate.

If you can’t climax, don’t worry about it. You will eventually. Don’t get frustrated with the process. Reprogramming the brain is a tedious process. It doesn’t happen overnight.

As far as the fantasy I was thinking about—I had a sexually abusive past and an alcoholic father. So, I would always fantasize about my knight in shining armor coming to rescue me from all of the abuse. He was a specific type—tall, muscular, handsome but tough, and always able to satisfy every need and desire. He would carry me away and protect me.

When a gentleman of that type walks by me now, the attachment to that fantasy still slips through my mind, even though I may be happy and perfectly content with my life, which is my reality, right now. So, when the fantasy presented itself this morning, I asked myself this very important question: “Bo, are you unsatisfied with your life or your intimate partner?”

My answer to myself was, “Absolutely not!”

Then I said to my mind and directly to the fantasy: “Then, there is no need to fantasize about something that is unreal or unrealistic. You don’t know that person, you don’t know if he is mean, has bad breath, is nurturing, loving, or kind. He probably is not any kind of knight and certainly is not able to save you by any sexual act. You know nothing of that person, but what you see as a type. Types are dreams. They are not real.”

By that time, in my self-talk, the fantasy had withered away. The Buddhists have another great method of laying a fantasy to rest. They suggest to imagine the person of interest being completely human—dirty, getting older, going to the bathroom, getting fat, vomiting, or dying. Use anything that takes that fantasy into the reality of humanness. It works every time. But you have to be persistent with your mind.

Remember, those attachment thoughts coming up from the past as fantasy are likely to be in your life for a long time. You have to get used to teaching your thoughts and your deductive mind the truth, as you would a young child with a bad habit. Eventually, you will win. But don’t be discouraged, if at a time of distress, you drop back into the old pattern. Every time you start over, you get stronger.


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