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If you follow the belief of New Thought, you most definitely have heard of Affirmations. Affirmations are positive quotes that you repeat to confirm your belief and bolster your creative process in times of stress or disbelief. Of course, affirmations with a true, positive emotion behind them can counteract all negative thinking. But what about afformations? What are they? What is there purpose?

Afformations are not statements, but questions that you ask yourself about positive states of being that you have either already experienced or state of being you would like to believe about yourself. Some examples of questions would be:

  • Why have I never gone a day in my life hungry?
  • Why am I made of the same energy as the Universe?
  • Why am I always in the right place at the right time?
  • Why was I born deserving abundance?

What a question does to your brain is something completely different than a statement. Questions activate the upper left brain’s critical analysis function. That part of your brain then looks for the reasons you do have (like a mental database). Using positive questions, instead of statements, directs your mind to ONLY look for what you already have and want more of.

“When you ask your critical mind to assume you have something and you’re just curious about the reasons why, you automatically search an optimistic database in your memory or start a database. If you focus on what you don’t have and how to get more of what you don’t want, your mind searches through a lack database,” says Susan Fox, in explaining the theories of Noah St. John, the founder of this new system of belief.

So, you can take an issue in your life, such as forgiveness, and make an afformation about it:

“Why do I forgive myself and my ex for the hurt we have caused each other in the recent past?” or “Why do I choose to remember the good things in my relationship, instead of the bad?”

Your mind now begins to search a positive database for the answers to these questions, instead of mulling over the old reasons why you dislike the old situation. This is a new template to think about, so give it some time to settle in and for your mind to gently answer the question as your meditate. When your mind gently begins to answer the questions you pose, you must begin to do what it asks of you.

If you ask the question: “Why am I such a positive person about life situations?” And your subconscious responds in kind: “You are a positive person because you begin each day anew and believe that the best is always there for you.” As you believe that your best is always there, your best automatically comes to you. So, you go about your day with the feeling and emotion of the best greeting you with open arms.

Afformations are just an alternate way of confirming your good by creating questions—instead of statements—based on your informed mind about the Truth of the Law.


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